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  1. Creeker

    Two 62s Become One - Build Thread

    This thread is both epic and humble. Thank you for sharing your journey! It gives me hope for my deteriorating rust bucket.
  2. Creeker

    Wanted Fj62 power antenna

    Hope you don't mind if I piggy back onto this ... I need a couple of parts for an FJ62 power antenna assembly. Bench tested mine, motor is fine, but I somehow don't have the components for the drum. Anyone have a unit with a burned out motor that wants to sell parts? I need the metal shroud and...
  3. Creeker

    Starter Issues

    Writing to thank y'all (with a very long winded post). I've had my truck sitting for a few months since it first failed to power on in any way, much less start. I'm just middling regarding car work and a moron with automotive electrical. Today a friend who actually knows wtf he's doing came over...
  4. Creeker

    VintgeTEqParts FJ / BJ / HJ 60 / 62 Series Technical Solutions ........

    My FJ62 is suffering from electrical gremlins with no obvious culprits. I'm thinking about just replacing runs instead of trying to figure it out ... my father was an electrical engineer but that s*** just baffles me. I'm not finding a website for ToyotaMatt. Where should I look please?
  5. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    sign sez text or call 203-321-3549.
  6. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Spotted by the :princess: in New Canaan.
  7. Creeker

    Builds Cummins R2.8 Conversion build thread

    :crybaby: thanks anyway!
  8. Creeker

    Builds Cummins R2.8 Conversion build thread

    Torfab - is that air box available to purchase as a stand alone component? I have one of those "little cone" filters on my 12H-T right now.
  9. Creeker

    New 60 carpet for sale! JUNE 1, 2018 UPDATE

    I'm interested - 88 FJ62 in (dark) Gray. Would it be possible to get the set WITHOUT the cargo area/lift gate?
  10. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Our Prius died. I think the 40 would make a great replacement vehicle ...
  11. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Parked across from this in Branford (mine's the one in the shade). Twinsies ... even the same rust spots.
  12. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    OK, now I stained the seat.
  13. Creeker

    Found why my truck stinks....leak

    I can confirm that my leak originated in the gutters. New sealant in the gutters eliminated the leak. There's another thread somewhere on here that describes how to ...
  14. Creeker

    Tow Points

    Looking forward to install pics!
  15. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    On your way to Over the Edge?
  16. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Nice! My daughter just moved into the Bushwick neighborhood.
  17. Creeker

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    FJ62 in Williamsburg.
  18. FJ62 in Williamsburg

    FJ62 in Williamsburg

    My daughter took this snap in Brooklyn.
  19. Creeker

    Factory recovery hooks on old style ARB?I have an old style ARB 60 Series winch bumpe

    This guy too (WARNING - JEEP!): ARB Bumper Prep 2 – Shackle Mounts – Inland Crossing
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