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  1. 97 40th

    Wanted Full Set of Factory OEM Lug Nuts for a 1997 Land Cruiser

    Message me if you have some or know the best place to buy 24 lug nuts.
  2. 97 40th

    SOLD Golden CO - Slee Built 2010 - 200 Series - $60k - 213k miles
  3. 97 40th

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on what a factory TRD Super Charger adds to the value of one?
  4. 97 40th

    Dallas Area Free 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I am looking at buying a 1993 Land Cruiser 80 series and all I want is the upper rear hatch, front mud flaps, and the door handle cups. Would anyone be interested in hauling it off and pulling these parts for me for the rest of the truck? Below in the link are pictures of the truck...
  5. 97 40th

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    All custom. I think it was done in the Phoenix area.
  6. 97 40th

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    1. Year and model: '96 Cruiser 2. Name of owner: Jim Webb 3. Name of rig: None 4. Mileage: 149k 5. Mods: 4:88's, triple locked, 37's, cage, TRD Supercharger, etc. 6. How the truck is used: Garage queen 7. Photo:
  7. 97 40th

    For Sale Cornelius NC 2006 Toyota LC

  8. 97 40th

    SOLD 4 TRD Rock Warrior Wheels - NW Arkansas - $1k

    Here's some pics.
  9. 97 40th

    SOLD 4 TRD Rock Warrior Wheels - NW Arkansas - $1k

    Decent shape. Will add pics tomorrow. Come with TRD lug nuts and keys. Let me know if you have any questions. JW
  10. 97 40th

    For Sale Nashville, TN - 1997 3X Locked CE Land Cruiser

    If you would have posted the clean pictures first, this truck would already be gone. Awesome truck! Good luck with the sale.
  11. 97 40th

    For Sale 1997 40th on the bay

    Looks scary to me given that they have fogged the entire underneath with black under coating.
  12. 97 40th

    Wanted any year Blue LC200
  13. 97 40th

    SOLD 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Fzj80 Lehi Utah

    Any interior, under the hood, and frame pics?
  14. 97 40th

    2007 LC Replacement Door Speakers?

    Thanks for all the great information! I really appreciate the feedback and all the options.
  15. 97 40th

    2007 LC Replacement Door Speakers?

    My driver door speak finally blew. I am guessing from old age since I am not the guy that blares music. My question is what is the best replacement door speakers without modifying anything?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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