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  1. jjcruiser77

    Rear door patch help

    I’m in the middle of replacing my rear ambulance door bottoms and am trying to come up with a way to do the bottom & side’s fold over seal. I’ve got the outside’s of the doors replaced and am very close to being ready to put the insides on, but I need to figure a way to pinch the outer edges of...
  2. jjcruiser77

    Latest refurbished wheel

    Hello Birdhead. I am here in Oklahoma City and I have a wheel that could use your services. I am ready when you are. Let me know. Thanks
  3. jjcruiser77

    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Get your CDL and you can come drive for me, Heavy Haulin’. Check out some of our loads,
  4. jjcruiser77

    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Once you get that CDL, never let it go. Drivers are in huge demand and companies are paying crazy money for drivers nowadays. Always a good back up plan if one is needed.
  5. jjcruiser77

    Discount Tire - why is it so difficult?

    Yea, I just tried the shop by size, then click “continue without vehicle”, if you already have one saved and it worked for me
  6. jjcruiser77

    colonel mustard, in the garage, with a wrench

    On those hood hinge pins, I took a “C” clamp and a small pin, put the clamp in a vise, just to hold it, and then tightened the clamp with the pin pushing on the hinge pin. You can either offset the clamp a little so the pin will push out the other side, or if you have a small piece of pipe, you...
  7. jjcruiser77

    For Sale FJ40 Speedometer Cable 78’ & earlier

    Will this work for my ‘78 that I am putting a 1987 2F in?
  8. jjcruiser77

    Builds The Sheepdog this thing is hairy! july 1977 blue fj40

    You wouldn’t happen to have an extra triangle brace that made for the inside of the passenger rocker panel that you’d be willing to sell?
  9. jjcruiser77

    '75 FJ40 rear jump seats

    I’ll PM (private message) you. It should be the envelope up at the top
  10. jjcruiser77

    '75 FJ40 rear jump seats

    I don’t have any pictures of it, but I can get you one when I get home tonight.
  11. jjcruiser77

    Replacement Rocker Panels

    Do you have his contact info or website?
  12. jjcruiser77

    Wanted F Motor (F1.5) out of 74’ FJ40

    Built on the end of October 1974
  13. jjcruiser77

    '75 FJ40 rear jump seats

    Hello, I have one here in Oklahoma City, if your interested.
  14. jjcruiser77

    40 Rear interior bed height

    Thank you 77mustard40
  15. jjcruiser77

    Wanted F Motor (F1.5) out of 74’ FJ40

    I’ve got one. Serial # F571045.
  16. jjcruiser77

    40 Rear interior bed height

    Thank you much firemanj92.
  17. jjcruiser77

    40 Rear interior bed height

    Would any of you guys have a measurement from the top of the rear bed to the top of the wheel well, as well as the front on the bed, before it slopes downward for the heater? I’m replacing my bed and my drawing of the measurements was used by one of my employees to write down part #’s, not...
  18. jjcruiser77

    Builds 78 body off restore (cruiser #2)

    Beautiful build here Curtice. I was wondering if you might happen to have some more pics of your cart you built for your tub to sit on. Measurements to, if you would have them as well. I’m going to have to build one here shortly and I really like the one I’ve seen in your posts. Thanks
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