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  1. azTony

    Sun Visor Interchangeability Search

    I have a brand new set of grey visors I had stashed away. Bought them when they were still available from the dealer as a backup and I sold the LC this past April. Still have the set
  2. azTony

    Wanted 80 Series interior parts

    I have a set of brand new sun visors purchased from Toyota a few years back in the Grey color if interested
  3. azTony

    Rosen aircraft sunvisor to replace sagging visor?

    BILT4ME, I just started a conversation with you
  4. azTony

    Rosen aircraft sunvisor to replace sagging visor?

    I have a new set of tan visors purchased from the dealership years ago. Have them in my closet wrapped up. Was waiting for mine to sag really bad but just sold the LC few months ago
  5. azTony

    Coolant and Washer Bottle Level Alarm Mod

    Anyone looking for these parts? I have them for sale. Good offer and they go to a good home. New never used.
  6. azTony

    Parting Out Parting out 1997 Lexus lx 450 and 1997 land cruiser rust free

    I was looking for a gas tank but Texas may be too far to ship cost effectively
  7. azTony

    Raffle- Free Brand New 80 Rear Upper Hatch Supports

    I am in, thanks!
  8. azTony

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Where do you get the sub panel from? What size Kicker do you have in there? Looks good!
  9. azTony

    Wheel weights won't stay on!

    A grand is a good buy! The only thing better is a DSP9700. ;) I worked at Hunter Engineering in Bridgeton, Missouri when the team developed the DSP series of balances and they are the s***! If of course you know how to work them. :cheers:
  10. azTony

    ARB Air Compressor mounting

    I mounted my CKMA12 vertical just next to the air cleaner on the passenger side. I have the air filter at the top for the occasional water crossings. The only problem I have had is with air leaks in the lines when repairs are made, other than that no issues with heat under the hood and I am...
  11. azTony

    Slipping and Hard 1st to 2nd Shift in 4-Low

    For those of us that are considered "Not smart shoppers..." and do not have the 2nd start button (93-94 models) there are a few methods I have used. On the highway in high range I always have the power button on. This changes the shift points and winds out each gear before shifting to the next...
  12. azTony

    Slipping and Hard 1st to 2nd Shift in 4-Low

    Can you elaborate on said mod?
  13. azTony

    CSC December Meeting Agenda 12.20.2013

    No stir intended, merely looking for a report for those who do not attend. Just seen a few items on the agenda not in the report.
  14. azTony

    CSC December Meeting Agenda 12.20.2013

    First my apology, in post 11 on my iPad it only shows the topic but nothing else. I went back to post 11 and quoted it and only then did the results show, strange. I agree with Eric on his post above. I wonder why some members posts are not visible on an iPad?
  15. azTony

    CSC December Meeting Agenda 12.20.2013

    There were topics that were going to be covered in the meeting but results were not shared what the outcome was on any of the topics. Just trying to get a ratio of attendees to actual members and what information gets relayed to members. Even the members that were late arriving to the meeting do...
  16. azTony

    CSC December Meeting Agenda 12.20.2013

    So what was the attendance ratio to total number of members?
  17. azTony

    CROWN KING RUN: 14 Dec. 2013, Saturday

    FWIW azTony listens to Metallica, Godsmack, AC/DC, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Disturbed, etc. to name a few. Not sure what you have heard but apparently you are steered in the wrong direction. There is a moral to the story...
  18. azTony

    New hauling trip coming up!!!

    Sounds good, I will give you a call some time in the next few days.
  19. azTony

    New hauling trip coming up!!!

    I am in Phoenix so Bay area would not do me any good. Bummer...
  20. azTony

    New hauling trip coming up!!!

    Bummer, I am looking for a haul from Sacramento to Phoenix. It is light, a golf cart roof
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