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    Air bags and the LSPV

    x2 - I just raise it back to level, and have trailer brakes. No issues that I can determine.
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    Motorhome towing an 80

    I have flat towed my 1993 over 5k miles, transfer case in neutral, transmission in park, key in ignition to unlook wheel. 40' 400 hp diesel pusher tow vehicle, no notice 80 is back there. I will NOT back up, as a jack knife will take out headlights, fenders and bumper. Lights can be...
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    Buzzing sound when starting cold

    It was zero, with -30 wind chill, truck outside. New steering pump about six-eight months ago, nasty noise on start up this morning. But she started, and did well on the ice. 231k+, original head gasket.
  4. J

    How many 80ers here with a oem head gasket!

    231,000 miles, no issues - yet. New Power steering pump, new radiator, new fan silicone oil, new o2 sensor (one), painted twice (hail and then warranty on paint). What a wonderful car/truck/friend this thing is. 1993 FZJ
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    Brakes grab at the very end of slow stop?

    ABS Harness On my 93 the harness runs from the right front wheel, across the axle to the left side, then makes its way back along the left radius arm. Mine was pinched right on the bottom of the arm, and I considered welding a half pipe of black iron for it to run in, but have not done it...
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    heated windscreen washer jets?

    My b m w had heated washer jets. They were always drying out and getting full of dried fluid, took an hour to take off and clean. That was before modern fluids were available. I would go with Rained.
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    Brakes grab at the very end of slow stop?

    Sorry, I cannot answer your question directly. My original sensors were the aluminum body/color, and looked fine when I pulled them too. I gave up and replaced the sensors and harness (come only as a set) and during the installation of the new set discovered my harness had been smashed...
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    Brakes grab at the very end of slow stop?

    Hopefully you pulled the ABS sensors before you pulled the axles for your rebuild. They are often damaged that way. Pull the ABS fuse under the hood and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, replace the fuse and inspect the integrity of your ABS harness. I found I had smashed mine...
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    Flat Towing?

    I know the manual, every mechanic I have met, Mr. Slee (bow), Texican (bow again), and the rest of the very knowledgeable folks on here say not to flat tow an 80. My 1993 is old enough, and I was broke enough, that I thought I would try it, and if it tore up, then I would get something else...
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    RTH--Transmission Inop in reverse, high RPM in forward gears

    My 93 has had an issue for years, but it only happens once or twice a year - until recently. I felt the transmission had been neglected, so for recreational maintenance I drained and refilled the transmission. Not a full service, just a top off to introduce fresh additives. Fluid looked fine...
  11. J

    Pistol Holster Mount – Shotgun Holster Mount

    On my '93 I built a lockable lid that is recessed an inch or so into the lower center arm rest bin, built on a 1/2" square tubing frame. Frame has short legs that could be fastened to the bin, if needed. It took a large hammer to get it in there, so it is VERY secure. With no way to pry it...
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    PHH update.

    I bought the fuel filter, looked at the install, jacked the truck up, took off the front tire, looked at it some more, put the truck together and had the filter installed when I had other service done. A man has to know his limitations. My knuckles do not heal as fast as they used to when I...
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    Les Schwab Auburn CA

    I highly recommend Les Schwab - I bought six RV tires (22.5) and they were the cheapest around, plus super service, and even sold my old (out of date, good tread) tires and gave me back a check for $300. I am in Texas and will check with the Oakridge, OR store if I ever need tires again. Great...
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    Wet spot. Passenger Floor. Heater Core?

    You own a cat?
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    rear locker w/out diff lock

    Some years ago Slee and company spent three twenty minute sessions with me, and the only thing I bought from them was a CDL switch. Customer service and knowledge cannot be beat with Slee. When I hit the lottery I will drop my rig off for a total spa treatment. Thanks, Christo, for all your...
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    Drivers Armrest Needed. Solutions?

    Airlaird had one manufactured - search on here and you will be able to email him.
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    PowerTank Regulator - serviceable?

    I had a regulator rebuilt at my local gas supplier, about $40 - I would prefer to use the original supplier, as suggested.
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    what is this pin for??

    Keep the carrier from swinging closed???????
  19. J

    Help! Getting a new Windshield

    I had mine ('93) replaced about five years ago, and the lower corners are delaminating. Be sure any warranty will cover that, if not OEM. Wish I could remember the name of the mobile shop that did it. At least it does not leak.
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    Silicone Hose Kits

    Not to hijack the thread, but that sure is pretty.
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