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  1. slider35

    How to Remove Rear Bumper - 200?

    Thanks for this attachment! Helped me out today while replacing broken ultrasound sensor surround. Not enough room to work between bumper and cover untill entire cover was removed. One thing to add is a tip for the top side above tail light and cover plate; you'll need to pry hard enough to pop...
  2. slider35

    Fabricated Platform For Engine Bay

    If you've got a 100 series and need someplace to mount electronic or other components inside the engine bay, please get in touch with me. I replaced this with a larger one. Just pay shipping and it's yours. See my dual battery post (Slider35 Dual Battery Setup) for details.
  3. slider35

    2013 LX570 Brakes

    Good info everyone. If I can narrow the scope of my complaint to one thing, it would be the accumulator pump. It does not seem normal to me for the pump to run every time I depress the brake. Also odd was the noticeable impact the pressure, provided by pump while running, had on braking...
  4. slider35

    2013 LX570 Brakes

    Thanks for that offer. I may take you up on it if I can't accomplish the same at a local dealer.
  5. slider35

    2013 LX570 Brakes

    Thanks for the replies! Looks like there's a few diagnostic tests (generally speaking; build pressure, start vehicle, read pressures, stop vehicle, wait 15 minutes, read pressures...) that can be performed by dealer or someone with testing hardware/software. Planning to post what I find out as...
  6. slider35

    2013 LX570 Brakes

    Have a 2013 that's new to us. First 200 series that I've owned. Wife's daily driver. Brakes have been soft, spongy, and have had a long pedal throw since first driving it. None of my five previous 100 series trucks have exhibited this. Does not feel right in the 2013. Is the accumulator pump...
  7. slider35

    For Sale 2 x 100 Series Roof Rack Crossbars

    Sorry, not going to mess with shipping.
  8. slider35

    For Sale 2 x 100 Series Roof Rack Crossbars

    Sorry, I do not.
  9. slider35

    For Sale 100 Series Weathertech Mats

    Would rather not mess with it.
  10. slider35

    For Sale 100 Series Stock Tow Hitch

    If it’s not gone by Thursday this week, I’ll hold it for you. No desire to deal with deposit. Trying to clean out the garage. Have tires and stock roof rack components that are going too if interested.
  11. slider35

    For Sale 100 Series Stock Tow Hitch

    $50. Has trailer wiring harness. Pickup south of Denver, CO.
  12. slider35

    For Sale 100 Series Weathertech Mats

    $20. Pickup south of Denver, CO
  13. slider35

    For Sale 2 x 100 Series Roof Rack Crossbars

    $20 Pickup south of Denver, CO. Have the rails as well, but no gasket or mounting hardware.
  14. slider35

    For Sale 2 x 295 70 18 Nitro Trail Grappler

    Have 2 tires. Unmounted. One has plug. $50 each. 8mm tread left on one, 9mm on other. Pickup south of Denver, CO
  15. slider35

    2000 LX and TLC - no dash light when center diff locked

    Not serious and the solution is not likely found inside your dash. There are two sensors on top of/near the transfer case. It's common for these sensors to go, leaving you with no indication of the state of the diff lock.
  16. slider35

    Stock Roof Rack Components

    No hardware, but free to a mudder that could use them. Just need to come pick them up. Came off of a 2004 LC.
  17. slider35

    AHC fluid out of stock nationally, any ideas where else to get?

    I've got one can just sitting in my garage. Wrecked my '07 LX a few years ago. No longer need it. Will ship to someone for $40.
  18. slider35

    Roof Rack Recommendation

    Have had slimline and slimline II. Great racks. Latest version comes with somewhat tall mounting option which can be swapped out for more generic mounting feet that are available, but not advertised, lowering the profile. So many options for solidly securing anything you'd want to carry.
  19. slider35

    Hood Blackout Panel Group Buy

    Since some have asked, here's what 5 coats of plastidip looks like after 2.5years and 35k miles. I'll also point out a few things you can see in the photos. The uneven look is due to coats 1-3 being done outdoors in partly cloudy weather. The sun came out and heated up the hood causing the...
  20. slider35

    Reverse light fuse - Is there one? Location?

    For 2004 LC, reverse light fuse is in right hand side kick panel and is labeled GUAGE2 (10A).
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