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  1. Misfit Aye

    For Sale Richmond, VA. Set of 5 OEM 16” wheels and Michelin tires. $300

    Set of 5 OEM aluminum wheels off of my 2 owner, 2000, 100 Series TLC. Spare wheel is a little crusty, but has on it mounted an unused Dunlop GrandTrek. On the other 4 are lightly used Michelin LTX M/S tires. Most have good tread. See pics. Tire that was PF has uneven wear on the outside. Also...
  2. Misfit Aye

    Towing Hitch Relay

    While trouble shooting no signal at the trailer lights connector, I was directed to check fuses at the towing hitch relay. It is supposed to live behind the DS tail light, or behind the rear panel. I went to searching and found a few things I’d like to know what they are. First, is this the...
  3. Misfit Aye

    I have killed the cabin drone.

    That could be a different rattle/drone/vibration. My catalytic converter heat shield rattles audibly when accelerating after start up. Tightening with hose clamps kind of helps, but I'm still intermittently working on making that go away. The drone/vibration I'm feeling is not audible, but...
  4. Misfit Aye

    I have killed the cabin drone.

    It looks to me like Procedure C in the TSB is to install a the same damper that is currently on the PS, on the DS. Right?
  5. Misfit Aye

    Trd pro forged 17inch wheels on LC100? They fit just fine with 1/4 spacers from Bora. Took about 4 weeks to get them. Don’t forget to get the TRD splined lugs too.
  6. Misfit Aye

    Wanted Tundra Rock Warrior Center Cap or Caps

    I got on for you, Bro. I’ll send a pic tomorrow. What’s it worth? You tell me.
  7. Misfit Aye

    17" Wheel Recommendations and spacers for 2002 LX470 / 100 series

    No idea of the offset, but they fit fine with 285/70s. .25” minimum spacer required on the front only, but flat RW caps won’t fit. Domed TRD caps will. I believe 1” spacer is min. required to allow the flat RW caps to fit on the front. UPDATE: just read in another post RW wheels have a 50mm offset.
  8. Misfit Aye

    100 series fuel tank skid replacement- sharing my results

    Helpful too just take the skid plate down to clean, paint and reinstall. New one looks great!
  9. Misfit Aye

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Obligatory running board delete. Hole patching on rear cross members. Coat of rust oleum on the frame. New gas tank and fuel lines and got the RW Wheels mounted. Also, a little vinyl on the faded trim! Trim and wheels is all I did. Left the rest to the professionals.
  10. Misfit Aye

    SOLD 1 inch rear coil spring spacers 80 and 100 series and LX450 LX470

    Stoked for these! The Hive suggested these a solution. Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Misfit Aye

    1.5" Front End Lift Options

    Dig it, Bud. Thanks. Most juice for the squeeze solution is always what I’m looking for.
  12. Misfit Aye

    1.5" Front End Lift Options

    Next search… Replacing CV Boots. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Misfit Aye

    1.5" Front End Lift Options

    No detriment to squeezing 1.5" out of the torsion bars? I assumed that much may cause CV boots to leak of put the wheel too close to the lower bump stop, but this is why I'm asking. Thanks
  14. Misfit Aye

    1.5" Front End Lift Options

    Baselining my Car Pool Cruiser currently. Frame cleaning, fuel line/gas tank replacement, etc... Will be used for trips to work, car pool and beer runs. Occasional beach driving, light off-roading and towing a 19' boat. I'm inclined to go with stock rear shocks, air bags, to keep from...
  15. Misfit Aye

    Splash guard

    Nice job with the scab on the back. I phoned in a fix this afternoon with some stainless wire.
  16. Misfit Aye

    LOCAL Resources for Service, Parts, Tools, Supplies, Services Etc.

    Same exact spot Viking is repairing on mine today. I’ll post an after pic soon.
  17. Misfit Aye

    865's or stock?

    Reading through here, consensus seems to be 865s with stock shocks ride great with no or moderate loads. Laden with a trailer and /or armor they compress too much to be comfortable. Headlights at the sky… Seems like 860s provided a good blend both loaded and not for jLB. Was that with factory...
  18. Misfit Aye

    LOCAL Resources for Service, Parts, Tools, Supplies, Services Etc.

    X2 for Crutchfield. Their customer service is nearly wizardry. Explicit, vehicle specific instructions with great person to person tech support hours. (times you can call and talk to someone who knows wtf is going on) Prices seem to be as competitive as anyone else on the internet, and it...
  19. Misfit Aye

    Talk me out of a 4Runner TRD Pro

    I only read pages 1 and 10, but didn’t see anyone mention the size of the 4R, which is too small IMO. Coming out of a Taco into a LC, I reallly appreciate the shoulder room between my wife and I sitting up front. We were too close in the Taco, amd would be in the 4R too. All that TRD Pro sh*t...
  20. Misfit Aye

    SOLD Fs: BBS TRD black with toyo a/t 285/75/18-pending sale

    Oh damn. They're nasty. 🔥🔥🔥 GLWS!
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