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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    2003 Landcruiser 203xxx miles Runs well. Needs minor exhaust work. Electrical issue where alarm runs down battery. Rust holes in several spots. Tailgate is rusted through underneath. Drivers seat ripped on seam. Timing belt done second time at 198k. Service records available. Please PM me...
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    Will '08-'12 OEM wheels fit an '03 (no spacers)?

    Hi Folks: Does anyone have experience with 200 series wheels fitting 100 series cruisers?? Bueller?
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    Will '08-'12 OEM wheels fit an '03 (no spacers)?

    Simple question: will the '08-'12 OEM 18" wheels fit on my '03 in stock form with no spacers needed? I want to replace my '03 wheels and simply can't find a set of 4 available. I did see some '08-'12 OEM wheels and would like to confirm they will fit my '03 before I pull the trigger and...
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    2005-2007 Land Cruiser Wheels on 1998?

    Just found this thread and have a related question: will the stock '08-12 LC wheels (8x18) fit on an 03-07 LC? I have an 03 and can't for the life of me find a new or refurbished set of 4 03-07 gen wheels for my 03.
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    BJ40 - Copley Motors

    This is exactly the scene there. He's got a rolodex of rich clients who constantly buy / trade-in whichever vintage car he has in stock that meets their latest fancy. It is amazing how much they are willing to pay. I know TLC/Ward is good, but seriously?
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    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Oh, they're bad? I've never used them, but was curious about their workmanship. I use Paul Kabilian in Marsh-vegas for my Toyota needs. He's been maintaining my 62 and 100 for several years now and he's been very good. He's def a Toyota specialist - I took my Subie to him for some work...
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    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    I've been meaning to post something about this for sale rig. It's not mine, but I live a few miles away and drive by it all the time. It's been f/s for a few months now. It was @ $7500 when it first appeared with a f/s sign. It's got some decent body rust, but the frame looks solid.
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    For Sale 97 FJ-80 Land Cruiser only 120k miles

    Congrats! much $$?
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    Well, tonight is the night

    Game 7 tomorrow night, folks. Should be one for the ages. I'm letting my 9 year old stay up to watch it. Go B's!
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    For Sale 1978 Ford E250 Quadravan (Pathfinder converted 4x4 van)

    more pics Got any pictures of the exterior and undercarriage? I can only see the first 3 interior pics for some reason.
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Need 'em gone I want these gone. Let's go to Best Reasonable Offer on these. They are great tires and basically brand new (pics are in the original post).
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    4 Bridgestone Dueler AT's Hi: I have 4 Bridgestone Dueler AT tires, size 31x10.5R15LT on stock 60 series rims for sale. I traded up to some 33' Mickey Thompson's so I don't need these any more. They have ~2k miles on them. I have no idea how to price these, so let's say $500. I'm on the...
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    For Sale 1996 Land Cruiser FZJ80 TRD Supercharged

    Can you post some pics of the undercarriage? Thanks!
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    For Sale Nice 1997 Anniversary Edition on CL

    Link is already deleted.
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    Cool! I'm in Norwell. We need more Cruiserheads around here. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll keep my eyes open - big garage / barn? I'm no realtor, but I like to keep an eye on what's available (not that I can afford to move these days, but it's fun to dream).
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    Snow total today (Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011)

    Actually, we stayed at the Dartmouth cabin off of RT112 a few miles west of North Woodstock. There was 2-3 feet in the woods there before the snow-then-rain event on Sat night. The thunder and lightening was pretty cool. The rain probably knocked down the several inches that it snowed first...
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    Snow total today (Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011)

    What do folks have for a snowpack? I'm curious about the snow pack folks have. I'd say we have somewhere between 2-3 feet on the ground at my house in Norwell. Headed up to the Lincoln/Woodstock area of NH this weekend for some winter camping with a few buddies - I wonder how much is on...
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    Snow total today (Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011)

    Less than predicted in SE Mass, too Yeah - they were saying parts of Eastern Mass would get 18-24" and it now looks like totals will be in the 1 foot range. It's now raining hard at my place on the South Shore. I haven't seen this amount of seasonal snow in this area in 15+ years. It...
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