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  1. Jerry D.

    Windshield hardware

    Anyone know the size of the ‘catch knob’ spacers for a ’68 FJ40? The ‘catch knob’ is the large black screw knob at both ends of the upper dash pad, it holds the windshield frame in place. Jerry
  2. Jerry D.

    LED light strip gauge cluster lighting

    XLNT, Thanks Jerry D.
  3. Jerry D.

    Battery Drain

    Been there, done this. Alternator charged fine, battery would deplete in about two days. "3. Checking for a Bad Diode Usually, a bad alternator diode will cause your headlights or instrument panel lights to flicker or dim and, sometimes, drain battery power overnight, or in minutes. * To...
  4. Jerry D.

    Battery Drain

    Check your alternator for a bad diode. Look online for how to test, replacement is easy. Jerry D.
  5. Jerry D.

    High Steering Build '78 FJ40

    May be High Steer Kit for FJ40 | Marlin Crawler, Inc. Jerry D.
  6. Jerry D.

    Social Meet July 29 2017

    We'll be there. I will also bring everything I have concerning the FLCA. I also have a bunch of FLCA stickers and the FLCA banner. See you on the 29th Jerry FLCA 015
  7. Jerry D.

    '68 FJ40 bench seat hinges...

    Thanks Paul, Off to the workbench. Jerry D.
  8. Jerry D.

    '68 FJ40 bench seat hinges...

    I would be very interested in buying, less work... Please PM me what you have and are asking, Jerry D.
  9. Jerry D.

    '68 FJ40 bench seat hinges...

  10. Jerry D.

    '68 FJ40 bench seat hinges...

    Bump, '68 - '71, are alike
  11. Jerry D.

    '68 FJ40 bench seat hinges...

    Trying to get my ‘68 FJ40 back to more stock condition. Found the front bench set here on MUD, but it’s not the style with the latching seat hinges as pictured. Listing here on MUD has not returned any results, nor has looking through internet sites. So, looks like I’ll try to make a set. I...
  12. Jerry D.

    Parting Out 1969 fj40

    By chance do you have any of these front seat brackets? The full brackets, not just the 'T' handle... Thanks, Jerry D.
  13. Jerry D.

    Wanted Parts FJ40 1968

    I looked on SOR, and only found the plastic " T-handle to re-install onto your factory pin". I'll call on Monday to check more. Thanks, Jerry D.
  14. Jerry D.

    Wanted Parts FJ40 1968

  15. Jerry D.

    Wanted Parts FJ40 1968

    Early FJ40 (1968) front seat hinge-latch brackets for original bench seat. Need both driver and passenger side. Thanks, Jerry D.
  16. Jerry D.

    Aftermarket disk brake issue

    First, I'm not a brake expert. I would look at the brake disk. Is it correct for the axle, is it aftermarket, a GM bored out??? By the picture, to me it looks like the lug bolt holes are too large. Perhaps the thickness of that disk is too 'thick' or 'fat' where the pads are digging in...
  17. Jerry D.

    WIN a pair of AISIN Hubs!!

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jerry D.
  18. Jerry D.

    Help....... 2F won't fire up after D.U.I. dizzy re-installed

    Also, did you push the distributor in far enough to bottom out into the oil pump drive slot and into the cam gears? Jerry D.
  19. Jerry D.

    Wits' end with no spark (really long post) '76 FJ40

    You show a wire from the COIL + going to the STARTER, and not showing it connected to anything (except the starter somewhere). The positive of the COIL has to be connected to a B+ (a 12V wire somewhere) or you will not have any energy for the coil to store up for a spark. I believe the COIL +...
  20. Jerry D.

    fj40 overheat at idle .. every thing checked

    Did the heating problem appear soon after you had the engine rebuilt, or develop after a month or so??? Is it possible the head gasket was installed backwards, and you are not getting any oiling to the top causing the heat issue at idle? I know one friend went as far as putting in electrical...
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