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  1. Kwikvette

    remove tension before removing crank bolt?

    Belts are super cheap, just replace them?
  2. Kwikvette

    FZJ80 Radiator Dimension Question

    Need to remeasure.
  3. Kwikvette

    FZJ80 Radiator Dimension Question

    Fitment was perfect Welds are what I expected for a Chinese radiator, though they're better than mine cause I suck at aluminum Transmission line fittings are threaded just like OEM for ease of install It's been really cool out here so I can't attest to its cooling abilities but so far so...
  4. Kwikvette

    FZJ80 Radiator Dimension Question

    I've got a Liland I recently installed; will get measurements after class today.
  5. Kwikvette

    Delta Vehicle Systems mia?

    Why not tag them? @Delta VS
  6. Kwikvette

    Where to find a new windshield for ‘97

    Safelite did mine; $100 deductible via insurance. Been good for the 6 months it's been on.
  7. Kwikvette

    Centre console options for RHD

    Easy, go Delta VS Supposed to work in both LHD and RHD
  8. Kwikvette

    My LSEAT leather seat experience and install directions

    Seeing many of these pics disappoints me. I installed new LSeat leathers in the rear at the same time I replaced my driver seat with a Sparco just over 10 months ago. No one sits in the back, but I often fold the seat forward when picking up metal and any large cargo -
  9. Kwikvette

    Aluminum Radiator

    Regarding my power steering, I went through and bought a used pump and rebuilt it, put a new Gates high pressure line, and used the remainder of the hoses from Wit's End for feed/return lines. Burped it and my steering is better than ever! Doesn't leak a single drop.
  10. Kwikvette

    bulletproofing the cooling system. radiator, fan clutch, cooling lines etc..

    That one looks good, maybe I should've gone that route. I went with the Liland aluminum setup; keeps things nice and cool that's for sure.
  11. Kwikvette

    New front seat advice needed

    I've always wanted to check out Scheel-Mann's. If you're in CA I'd happily make you some brackets just to check them out. I went Sparco and though I love it, I'd love to check out a nice seat.
  12. Kwikvette

    Brake lights and cruise control

    Actually I didn't; wasn't sure if it was the same as say...a 1st Gen Taco/3rd Gen 4R (previously owned them) but good to hear it's the same. I mentioned grounds based on my assumption; you only confirmed it. With that said, I'll look around the rear by the brake light sockets in hopes to find...
  13. Kwikvette

    Brake lights and cruise control

    There's some correlation between them. Before I dug into replacing my radiator and power steering pump and hoses, I had an issue where my cruise control would work fine but as soon as I turned on my lights, cruise control is disabled. With lights off again they work. Using a turn signal to...
  14. Kwikvette

    Rear Swingout DIY's

    For the two-three people watching, been super busy! Lost a friend as well as a very close person to us unfortunately. School's back in session, and baby is almost here too! Then my CNC table arrived so got that mostly together - Will be spending some time on this and once I figure it out...
  15. Kwikvette

    Aluminum Radiator

    Yep! Been driving it as it's my daily driver and I go to school. Working perfect and burping needed was at a minimum. Also idles better now that I have new belts with the correct tension set on everything. Today I finished up replacing all the power steering hoses as well as my steering pump...
  16. Kwikvette

    Aluminum Radiator

    Fast forward a few days, I think in moving around the reservoir and replacing one low pressure hose I may have moved the others enough to cause an even worse leak. Wake up to a puddle every day, worse than before. Either that or the new hose helped (was leaking) and now since it doesn't, it's...
  17. Kwikvette

    Napa radiator experience (100% bad)

    On the subject of radiators, should I just recycle mine? Replaced it a few days ago cause the stupid nipple for the bypass hose is mostly broken off. Otherwise it doesn't leak and had no issues keeping my vehicle cool.
  18. Kwikvette

    SOLD 80 series (1996) Power Steering Pump

    In desperate need for one. Used to keep costs low. Need one that's in good working condition. Located in the Central Valley CA
  19. Kwikvette

    Aluminum Radiator

    So FYI, radiator surface will be warm after driving! I knew that going in, but just something to always remember. I'm hoping in due time my power steering system will relieve itself of all air. I don't have a jack (long story, new house just moved months ago) so I drove out to a field and...
  20. Kwikvette

    SOLD 80 Series Radiator Mount/Bushings

    Need whatever all is required to mount the radiator to the core support. Located in the Central Valley, CA Will meet face to face or pay for shipping.
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