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    72 FJ40 upper rear shock mount move for s10 tank

    1972 FJ40. It looks like I need to move the upper shock mount/crossmember forward about 3" to make room for my s10 tank to mount without rubbing. Anything I need to be concerned about? Is there an easy way to replace the frame rivets without taking the cab off the frame? I heard I should weld it...
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    Window mechanism repair

    I just replaced the felt with the newer metal channel felt which works awesome but my regulator now does exactly what you are saying above. It doesn't appear I can remove the window handle which i assume is what i need to get to the fan cam. Can someone post a method to get to this fan cam for...
  3. J

    FJ40 traction control options?

    i say mild usage but i'm sure i will want to be able to get out of situations if needed. we go elk hunting in colorado and those roads aren't crazy rock crawling but will need as much traction as possible. Thanks for replying!
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    FJ40 traction control options?

    That does look like a less expensive option, would my shorter wheelbase feel the effects more? I have an auto trans, they say that smooths it out a bit? thanks for the suggestion!
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    FJ40 traction control options?

    What do you guys think about the PowerTrax lock rights? JustDifferentials has a good deal on those for under $350? maybe use that for the rear and ARB for the front?
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    FJ40 traction control options?

    Newbie here, I am eventually wanting to put in some traction control upgrades for my FJ40. Right now I have 31" tires possibly goto 33" in the future but probably not bigger than that. Automatic/LS conversion - mild, saginaw PS upgrade was done in the last year. Would like something...
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