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  1. miked

    Time for new head and gasket

    Thanks. I know it all depends on each engine. I was just wondering roughly how scared I should be. hahaha.
  2. miked

    Time for new head and gasket

    If I may ask, about how much $$ does this cost at that shop. I see similar signs of coolant on mine. I'm scared
  3. miked

    How Much Does Your 80 Weigh?

    Finally hit the scales today and thought I'd post. 6020 lbs. ARB w/ warn 12K dual g31 odysseys Kaymar dual swing out (tire carrier only currently) 285 goodyear mtr + spare IPOR sliders and skid/tranny plate 3/4 length roof rack full tank. I was out of the truck due to their rules so I saw the...
  4. miked

    FJ80 yodaTEQ Antenna Mounts v2.1*

    I got mine today. They look great! thanks.
  5. miked

    FJ80 yodaTEQ Antenna Mounts v2.1*

    email sent for option#1 both mounts.
  6. miked

    I'm Looking for a Pintle Hook

    I have a pintle/ball combo I've been wanting to sell... let me know if you want it. I can post a pic up later.
  7. miked


    I just got a keurig coffee maker and a water cooler for me and the techs in my office. Our daily consumption has doubled at least.. now there's the problem of the restrooms being in the next building over. Coffee in/Coffee out.
  8. miked

    Wedco gas spouts for Nato style cans (WA)

    Got them yesterday. Brand new in the bag and nicely packaged. Thanks.
  9. miked

    Two 20" 10w Cree LED Bars

    what is that black box?
  10. miked

    For Sale Trd 4.5 Supercharger used $1500

    NOOOOOO! (reaching out to the monitor.. as if to grasp at a fading dream..)
  11. miked

    Wedco gas spouts for Nato style cans (WA)

    spouts I would like two. I have been using the blue ones because the reds are so rare. what is your paypal address?
  12. miked

    For Sale FZJ80 Kaymar Rear Bumper with swing outs

    Bumper was successfully installed on my truck yesterday. ;)
  13. miked

    For Sale Landtank MAF Housing

    about time.. I was thinking just yesterday.. why hasn't this sold yet?! good price, good mod. love mine!
  14. miked

    For Sale FZJ80 Kaymar Rear Bumper with swing outs

    PM sent.
  15. miked


    so... this privy looks awesome but seems to be sold out/not made anymore. Are there any others that compare? My friend had one last season that used sectioned poles and seemed a pain to put up. (it blew away in a desert wind storm never to be seen again.)
  16. miked

    For Sale [NorCal] 80-Series 4.88 Gears/Install Kits

    PM sent..
  17. miked

    Looking to source a 4l60e transmission

    I'm looking for a source for a rebuilt/refurbished 4l60e transmission. Does anyone know of a reputable shop that sells these without a core? Posting here for the hopes of something local to socal or at least less shipping distance.
  18. miked

    damn punks!

    Scum of the Earth! You live in a nice neighborhood too so what the heck! Punk kids with no respect these days.. btw, I'm really enjoying the pop-up camper. You should see how fast I can air down the tires these days.
  19. miked

    FS: 2005 Fleetwood Tucson pop up trailer

    well, we took it out this weekend to a trail north of Lake Havasu. It towed just fine and it didn't bounce as much as I feared on the trail. I'm still going to do the spring over w/ bigger tires and add shocks. It was awesome having a fridge to keep meats and cheese cold instead of water logging...
  20. miked

    My contribution for the day

    Fahhhwk mee!!
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