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  1. dirtywilks

    For Sale Iso: 1982 fj40

    @overton just put one up on bringatrailer
  2. dirtywilks

    MUDShip San Jose/Bay Area, CA to Colorado Springs/ Denver, CO

    @Phil H You coming back through slc? any room? I have a couple boxes with some countertops I need to get from denver to slc
  3. dirtywilks

    MUDShip Denver to SLC -

    Need help getting some IKEA countertops from Denver to SLC Packaging dimensions Length-100 1/2” Height- 1 3/4” Width- 26 Two of them, still boxed up. Will fit in the back of a truck. Just didn’t have any at the IKEA shop here and my wife has her heart set on them. They are currently in my...
  4. dirtywilks

    For Sale Virginia Fj60 Fj62 Smog Equipment

    Interested… can you message me your number?
  5. dirtywilks

    40 series 5 speed.

    @nogo Any round about pricing at this point? Not going to hold you to it? Just trying to figure out what I need to start putting away.
  6. dirtywilks

    For Sale 1987 FJ60- entertaining for sale

    With a lot of regret, I’m thinking of selling my 1987 FJ60. I’ve had it for about a year, but just not enjoying it like I should. I haven’t really come down to a number, thinking $20,000 obo. With three owners (including me), This 60 is originally came out of Northern California. The owner...
  7. dirtywilks

    Anyone willing to lend a hand and look at a FJ40 for me?

    Out of state buyer. Need someone to lay eyes on an FJ40 for me in Arlington in the next two days? Anyone willing? I’m willing to pay.. if so, please DM me. Thank you
  8. dirtywilks

    SOLD '82 US spec FJ40, new metal, in west TN

    agreed with @ToyotaMatt and @3_puppies. Here is the odometer to my ‘82.
  9. dirtywilks

    40 series 5 speed.

    Count me in!
  10. dirtywilks

    FJ40 Pics from "Back in the day" (70's, 80's)

    I purchased my ‘82 FJ40 from the estate of a gentleman that had passed away in his mid 90’s. I’m the second owner and they were kind enough to pass on a few pics they found of my cruiser.
  11. dirtywilks

    Fabrication/rust repair recommendation would be great!

    Hi guys, I have a ‘82 FJ40 that is in need of some rust repair around the windshield where it folds down and some where the caulk line is where it meets the cowl. I live in slc but really just need anywhere not 500 miles away ;) Thanks ahead
  12. dirtywilks

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Put on about 500 miles last week for work.. my work car turbo went out, then my truck over heated (water pump), so I brought good ol’ max out for duty and albeit thirsty, he’s been super reliable..
  13. dirtywilks

    What would you do?

    I purchased a low mileage ‘82 FJ40 a year ago and the body is incredible shape.. minus the area around windshield. I need to address this rust.. the top of it has never been off, and from experience and reading up, once that too comes off, it’s hard to get it to fit just the same Way.. that...
  14. dirtywilks

    Registry 60-series Registry

    1. 1987 FJ60 2. Chris 3. Max 4. 198,000 5. H55f, more to come 6. Hunting, light wheeling, family fun weekend cruiser
  15. dirtywilks

    Builds An FJ40 Named Dusty

    @roadstr6 Dusty is a looker! I have your twin I picked up a couple years ago. Low mileage one owner ‘82 as well. Please keep this tjrwad updated.. Serves as inspiration for me and I have a few little rust spots that need addressing to.
  16. dirtywilks

    MUDShip No longer needed! Thanks

    Yes sir.. Vic is a good man, and they were great to work with. I’m lucky, right place and right time. I might just fly up to Butte and drive it back. It’s all opportunity cost at this point. That being said, might just make more sense to pay someone if they have a partial empty load and are...
  17. dirtywilks

    MUDShip No longer needed! Thanks

    Anyone have any space to bring a FJ60 down? I'll pay, and can meet anywhere near SLC
  18. dirtywilks

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 project - 2 engines in Bay Area, a little pricey but maybe no rust

    My buddy who has been looking for a 40 called on it. Looks like it sold for 18k
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