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  1. 76BigheadFJ40

    What drops your jaw?

    Pho soup. Tried it once, never again.
  2. 76BigheadFJ40

    New head unit, stock amp problem

    Was it as simple as running the wires around it? Thanks for all the help, I'll start working on it today and update when I'm finished.
  3. 76BigheadFJ40

    New head unit, stock amp problem

    I installed a new head unit today, the Alpine CDE-126BT, along with Alpine's KTP-445 power pack, which is a small amp for the four speakers in the doors. My problem is that when I unhook the stock amp from behind the dash, I lose all power. Has anybody had this problem? I'm currently thinking...
  4. 76BigheadFJ40

    FZJ 80 Wheels 16x8

    Willing to ship? What year 80?
  5. 76BigheadFJ40

    fj80 16x8 wheels w/center caps

    What year 80 are they off of?
  6. 76BigheadFJ40

    FS - FZJ80 OE Alloy Wheel

    I'll take it, depending on shipping. Do you have a set of the lug nuts that would fit this wheel? Do you know what shipping would be to 95826? Thanks.
  7. 76BigheadFJ40

    FS: 1997 FZJ80 Rims

    I want to know the same stuff as above, and put me on a list if you are willing to ship to 95826, depending on shipping price.
  8. 76BigheadFJ40

    97 FZJ80 stock wheels (5)

    Any idea how much they would cost to ship to 95826? Willing to split them up?
  9. 76BigheadFJ40

    2- 80 series wheels with conical lugs.

    i very well may be interested depending on pictures. Do you know what shipping would be to 95826?
  10. 76BigheadFJ40

    93 & 96 FZJ80 Body and interior parts

    Are you selling the wheels from the 96? I need one, no tire. Shipping would be to 95826, thanks.
  11. 76BigheadFJ40

    Wanted WTB-One FZJ-80 wheel

    bump, I still haven't gotten one. Let me know.
  12. 76BigheadFJ40

    Wanted WTB-One FZJ-80 wheel

    I'm in need of one FZJ-80 Series Wheel, hopefully from a 97, but anything that would fit would be great. Thanks!
  13. 76BigheadFJ40

    4 stock 80 series wheels and tires

    real quick, those are stock sized tires, right? I might be able to some get them next monday or wednesday, depending on finances. How far away from Sacramento are you?
  14. 76BigheadFJ40

    4 stock 80 series wheels and tires

    do you have some spare acorn style lugnuts or know where I could get some? I'm mighty tempted to come pick these up next week.
  15. 76BigheadFJ40

    4 stock 80 series wheels and tires

    These will fit on a 97, right?
  16. 76BigheadFJ40

    Seven Pin

    This is true. Here's a little info on it from Slee's site, I know that it can be confusing, and every once in a while I need to brush up on it. Slee - Pin 7 Mod for CDL (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser) and a search IH8MUD Forums - Search Results From what I can remember. You need to...
  17. 76BigheadFJ40

    5 LX450 rims and tires in NC

    I'll take one. Let me know what the shipping will be to 95826. Thanks.
  18. 76BigheadFJ40

    toyota oem 16x7 steel wheels set of 4

    willing to ship? 95826
  19. 76BigheadFJ40

    80 stock rim w/285 75 mud tire

    Are you willing to ship? I will take it if you are. 95826
  20. 76BigheadFJ40

    Hidden subwoofer replacement

    Bump. We only need one more person to pay Steve to be able to get him to start making the next batch of boxes. Check the thread in the classifieds section, or PM me and let me know if you want in!
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