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  1. TnTnola

    SOLD Slee group 31 battery tray 98-07 LC/LX470

    Sold pending shipment.
  2. TnTnola

    SOLD Slee group 31 battery tray 98-07 LC/LX470

    Hi, I’m listing a used slee primary battery tray that will accommodate a group 31 battery. It’s in great condition without any corrosion. Located in near New Orleans for pickup or I can ship. New from slee is $115.00. I’m asking $80.
  3. TnTnola

    SOLD FEELER: SF,CA: 1995 FZJ80 3x Locked Overland Build

    Great price for all that’s included.
  4. TnTnola

    For Sale [Charleston, SC] LSeat leather replacement for 100Series/LX470 - Dove Grey

    Is there a difference with Landcruiser vs lx470 fitment?
  5. TnTnola

    For Sale (New Orleans) fzj80 Muffler

    I’m not sure what’s it worth, but I have a muffler from a 1996 LC. Flange after cat is entact, but it was chopped after muffler discharge. I’m asking $60 picked up.
  6. TnTnola

    SOLD San Diego 100 series Superbump bumpstops

    How many in this kit? I think my 100 has 2 per side in the front.
  7. TnTnola

    Let’s see your white 100 series!

    Great color match! Is this a rattle can that you bought online or is it mixed by the painter?
  8. TnTnola

    For Sale 1998 LC OEM charcoal canister(used)

    I’m not sure if anyone needs this, but I have a used charcoal(vapor) canister from a 1998 Landcruiser. Working fine and did not throw any CEL code. I just replaced it with a new oem unit from the dealer. Landcruiser has 244,000 on the ODO. $75 shipped to most states. I looked on eBay and they...
  9. TnTnola

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Not as fun as I anticipated. I had to use a dremel with a small cut off wheel to remove all the nuts/bolts.
  10. TnTnola

    Bolt on 80 Series Winch Plate

    Anyone install this on a factory bumper?
  11. TnTnola

    SOLD NC: 1995 Land Cruiser - No Rust

    Good price, I’m surprised this is still available. Looks like I will need to hold onto mine for another 2 years.
  12. TnTnola

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Yes 4 of each part number.. 4 covers per side.
  13. TnTnola

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Rattle gone!!! Replaced both catalytic converter heat shields.
  14. TnTnola

    SOLD IL: SCS F5 - 6x139 - 16x8 -25 Offset

    Sorry I can’t tell if these are black or gunmetal. Do they use the ET lugs?
  15. TnTnola


    Did you bleed the system of air after you replaced the parts?
  16. TnTnola

    SOLD MA: 100 Series front mud flaps and brackets

    I’ll take them. Send you a pm
  17. TnTnola

    For Sale Los Angeles: 2000 Lexus LX470 Modified Build.

    Would be interested in the wheels.
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