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  1. GothamFJ60

    Adjusting water valve to maximize A/C performance

    Sorry to revist the dead thread, but is there anything else that needs to be adjusted to get heat? The slider in the climate control unit does nothing and I am not sure where the break is. All other functions of climate control work. I manually adjusted the HCV and when I do I can feel hot...
  2. GothamFJ60

    Missing lower control arm bolt

    Looked under my 1993 yesterday afternoon to try and see why the passenger side dipped down when I applied the breaks. Lo and Behold there is no bolt where the bolt to connect the lower control arm to the frame should be. Does anyone have a part number for the bolt or suggestions for a...
  3. GothamFJ60

    96 LX450 Turns Over Intermittently

    Where did you order it from? Local places im looking at it is running closer to $250.
  4. GothamFJ60

    CMCC 2022

    Per Jon's post last July. COAL MINE CRUISER CLASSIC 2022 JULY 13-16, 2022 REGISTRATION OPENS FEBRUARY '22 I am horribly excited.
  5. GothamFJ60

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    June of 2020. If it wasnt such a deal I wouldnt have been able to get it.
  6. GothamFJ60

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    1993 with 180K bought from a dealer on the side of the road for $1800. Needed a new rad and the suspension was totally shot but other than that I'm still feeling good for how much I have in it.
  7. GothamFJ60

    2021 4x4 Labs group buy info. (March 15-30)

    Please add me to the list. At least sliders. New Jersey
  8. GothamFJ60

    Jon Held: Dreamcrusher

    Jon is just showing us that he has more class in that finger than we do in our whole bodies.
  9. GothamFJ60

    Then this happened...

  10. GothamFJ60

    1993 Heater Core replacement

    Unfortunately I have not been doing any documentation which I know is going to bite me when I start to reassemble. If i come up with any better plan I will make sure to post it.
  11. GothamFJ60

    1993 Heater Core replacement

    I ordered one from Rock Auto that looks like it is probably correct so hopefully I wont finally get everything apart only to find it is wrong and I need to get the existing one re-cored. About half of the dash is taken apart, I keep hoping that there is just some trick that I am missing, but...
  12. GothamFJ60

    1993 Heater Core replacement

    I appreciate it if you find it. I searched but didnt find one that included what I was looking for.
  13. GothamFJ60

    1993 Heater Core replacement

    The one under the dash of course. Cant have the easy one!
  14. GothamFJ60

    1993 Heater Core replacement

    Greetings! Does anyone know of a good writeup on replacing the heater core on a 1993 80? It is a recent purchase and need to get this fixed before I move on to the more fun things. Thanks!
  15. GothamFJ60

    1987 FJ60 for sale NJ

    I am looking to sell my 1987 FJ60 (July production date). Due to a series of cascading events time is of the essence. Vehicle is located in South Jersey and will need to be towed. The good that I can think of off the top of my head. - OME suspension - Headders - Engine rebuilt 50K miles ago by...
  16. GothamFJ60

    I've owned a bunch of Toyota's... this is my first LC

    Great looking rig. You will love it. Looking at your pics I really miss NM.
  17. GothamFJ60

    Back from the dead?

    For 10 years my 1987 FJ60 has sat. Originally parked when I broke the top rear shock mount. Didn't have the means to work on it then and had "Grand Plans"™ to swap the drive train and interior into a rust free 62 body and frame that sits right next to it in my in-laws yard. Needless to say I...
  18. GothamFJ60

    Mechanic or leads for FJ40 issues

    I've been out of the loop for a long long time, but is Jose Rivera still working on Cruisers? He brought my 60 back to life after a unfortunate incident. - Jason -
  19. GothamFJ60

    Parting Three 89 Fj62's

    Seat back with head rests to 08071?
  20. GothamFJ60

    GCLC grill badges

    Is it too late to get in on it? Put me down for one. - Jason -
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