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  1. DC2NoVA

    Wanted Wanted: Side Steps (Running Boards) for FJ80

    I have a set in Denver.
  2. DC2NoVA

    Sleeping Mattress for Landcruiser

    This pump works pretty well for deflation for those interested: On a side note, on the 80 series, does anyone know which exped megamat (MW or LW) work better as a "half" mattress with only one side of the rear seats folded down (and drawers behind the seats)? MW is 25 inches wide (72 inches...
  3. DC2NoVA

    SOLD Los Angeles, CA - 80 Series Drawers - DFG Offroad - Brown

    if only you were closer to Colorado!
  4. DC2NoVA

    SOLD Denver, Colorado: 80 Series Prinsu Rack

    Currently selling a prinsu rack from my 80 series, located in Denver, CO by Sloan's Lake. Prinsu full length roof rack (rack only) for sale for 80 series land cruiser. Feel free to send over any questions. Not looking to ship at this point, will be driving from CO to VA next week and can...
  5. DC2NoVA

    Lifted 80 drives like krap,, I'm thinking of going back to stock ride height

    I have stock springs with 90k miles from a 97 if you're interested. I'll be passing through Illinois in the next couple of months.
  6. DC2NoVA

    Incoming New Radiator - 1997 FzJ80 - Coolant Type Question on NEW radiator

    Curious, what radiator are you going with?
  7. DC2NoVA

    For Sale Vermont: Landshark Reef Storage Boxes in a Land Cruiser 200 Series, but fit other models

    Interested and in the area in a couple months if you still have them.
  8. DC2NoVA

    NOW OPEN - 4x4 Labs Group Buy - Closing Feb 28, 2022

    Interested - 97
  9. DC2NoVA

    Coolant temp gauge not working - SOLVED

    Did it end up being the sensor? my new-to-me 97's temp gauge is currently not working at all (starts cold and stays cold).
  10. DC2NoVA

    Wanted 80 Series Lugnuts 95-97 (4)

    Looking for some lug nuts for my 80 (95-97), mine were missing 4, 1 on each wheel when I bought it. Willing to buy a whole set of 20 if they're in good shape. Located in Denver. Prefer local pickup but open to getting shipped as well.
  11. DC2NoVA

    Wanted 80 Series Drawers/Platform - Denver, CO

    WTB drawers/platform for an 80 series in Denver, CO. Show me what you've got! Either looking for budget options or quality, not so much in between. On a side note, also WTB a 4x4 labs rear bumper and ARB front bumper.
  12. DC2NoVA

    Fender Mounting Bracket

    That would be great if you happen to have the lower bracket P/N on hand (when you get home). Realistically saves me a couple hours of clicking around on the interwebs in search of this treasure hunt P/N.
  13. DC2NoVA

    Fender Mounting Bracket

    Ah, I should have posted that earlier. Mine's a 1997. I'll do some digging around these part numbers and see if anything pops up, thanks for the info. Mine are more or less unsalvageable and I'd rather just buy something like this new than cutting from a donor.
  14. DC2NoVA

    Fender Mounting Bracket

    Bump. Looking for the P/N from Toyota (if it's still available) or vendor for the lower bracket (that is directly attached // rivnutted to the door) for the fender flare. Can't seem to find it based on the links previously posted.
  15. DC2NoVA

    SOLD Atlanta - OME 851s FREE - local pickup only

    Darn, this is exactly what I needed. Let me know if it falls through and you're willing to ship!
  16. DC2NoVA

    Good parking garage/lot or area to wrench at around Denver?

    Just signed up with the forum, thank you!
  17. DC2NoVA

    Good parking garage/lot or area to wrench at around Denver?

    New 80 series owner here. Currently living in an apartment complex in Denver where wrenching isn't on my 80 isn't exactly great. Any recommendations on a good spot to wrench at? Grocery list of things I need to do/address include in the order I'll probably do them (estimating ~1 day each): Some...
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