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  1. on3i11s

    high pressure power steering hose at box removal

    Are u trying to remove the power steering pump? If I recall correctly (it’s been a few years now so I may be wrong), I was not able to get one hose off while the pump was still installed in the truck. The other hose had to be removed after the pump was uninstalled.
  2. on3i11s

    Death Wobble...Where would you start?

    I’m with @dan1554 ...... More details needed. What speed? Did it just start or Has it been an issue since you installed new tires? Need a better picture of when this issue is happening.
  3. on3i11s

    Alarm Experts

    Why did you remove the rs3000? And what do you mean by cycling the door locks 3/4 times...pressing the lock/unlock button multiple times? I read somewhere on one of these threads about turning the key on/off multiple times when dealing with issues involving this alarm. I’m generally curious...
  4. on3i11s

    Help me complete my audio system

    Another thing to consider...there’s been a good bit of talk on here about the alpine kta-450 power pack amplifier. It is a small amplifier that can enhance the sound of your door speakers. So far I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll need this amp..I still need to install my front door speakers...
  5. on3i11s

    Steering/brake wobble / replacing front rotors question

    First thing I would check would be your caliper bolts (2 bolts per caliper on backside). A clunking noise is very suspicious and could be your caliper shifting/clunking forward as you apply your brakes. If one of those bolts were to fall out, your caliper will either clunk forward when hitting...
  6. on3i11s

    Thanks - Great forum & Members

    Sheesh that thing looks great! Not sure about all of your items but I would consider doing the distributor o-ring yourself...was not hard to do at all and knocked that out while replacing my valve cover gasket. Have all the parts for the oil pump gasket and it doesn’t look too bad to replace...
  7. on3i11s

    80 Series Front End Rebuild - Sticker Shock

    First thing that caught my eye from those prices was the wheel bearing cost. Cruiser outfitters sells their front axle rebuild kit (seals, gaskets, trunnion bearings and Koyo wheel bearings) for $205 dollars. I would look into cruiser outfitters for all of your parts needs for this project.
  8. on3i11s

    Knuckle leak question

    Damn I’m extremely jealous of your undercarriage, that is CLEAN!! Those are caster correcting bushings, correct? Keep an eye on them since word on the street is that they’ll break down considerably faster than standard rubber bushings.
  9. on3i11s

    Few items I'm looking for - so many things to do ..

    Only thing to add is check out @Hitit66 for some bump stop extensions or Slee off-road. First ones that come to mind besides DIY. I’m sure there’s other vendors as well though
  10. on3i11s

    Need help with purchase decision. Thanks!

    I don’t remember where I found this pdf, maybe from the front axle rebuild FAQ, but this is what I followed when doing the rebuild. This was prior to the OTRAMM video.
  11. on3i11s

    Need help with purchase decision. Thanks!

    A front axle rebuild was my first major work I performed on my cruiser and I spanned it across 3 days or so. One day taking things apart, one day cleaning, and one day reinstalling. I probably would have tried to knock it out a lot faster if I didn’t have a second vehicle to drive to work...
  12. on3i11s

    Sporadic “click” but no start

    What about sticking starter contacts? Do you know the condition of your starter? It is cheap to rebuild the starter contacts and is easy to do.
  13. on3i11s

    FZJ 80 Series Audio / Speakers

    From my understanding, these head units (not sure about the 1000 though) do not support wireless car play so in my case, I use the USB to hook my phone up to activate apple car play. My unit just had the USB plug in the back of the unit and then I ran the USB wire near the center console and...
  14. on3i11s

    FZJ 80 Series Audio / Speakers

    I may be wrong but I think those twoSony head units are about the same except the ax100 has the two seek buttons on the front where the ax1000 replaces those buttons with a USB port. I bought the ax100 online from Best Buy two years ago for about $280 and just got it installed a couple of...
  15. on3i11s

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Two years in the making...finally got the interior back together. It’s been nice being able to throw crap inside the cruiser without any care. Sound deadener has definitely made a difference though. Walmart cheapo floor mats are a nice touch even if they are a bit oversized and don’t fit...
  16. on3i11s

    Knuckle leak question

    When I did my rebuild at 240K miles, I did not need to swap my birfs. Not hard to do but hopefully you won’t need to. A knuckle rebuild kit from cruiser outfitters covers all the bearings, seals, and gaskets you would need. Front brakes are one thing to consider during the rebuild since...
  17. Fuel tank diagram

    Fuel tank diagram

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  19. on3i11s

    Knuckle leak question

    I would vote for doing it yourself as well. Since doing my front axle rebuild, I’ve been into the hubs numerous times whether it was doing brakes or checking my just gets easier every time! I actually had to go inside my passenger hub today since I think I may have tightened my...
  20. on3i11s

    Knuckle leak question

    I used the valvoline moly grease during my rebuild but I found that O’Reillys had their own brand so I picked up some of that stuff as back up or for future top ups. Not that the stuff is expensive but I’m sure it’s a few bucks cheaper. Good call on it sitting for a while, first thing I...
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