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  1. MicahMan

    Part number NEEDed 70 series tail light lenses R & L

    It went to Idaho, was resprayed and then ended up on a Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii. Some trucks have all the luck! The HJ61 is currently in Nevada, the guy who bought it from Dustin just keeps it in his collection down there. I haven't seen it venture out anywhere.
  2. MicahMan

    Part number NEEDed 70 series tail light lenses R & L

    That non turbo BJ70 was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I hacked about 300 lbs of random tube bumper off of it that thing would motor! Totally changed my mind about Having/Needing a turbo. But I also drove that non turbo 77, different story. 0-60 measured by sundial! I miss the HJ61 that was...
  3. MicahMan

    Part number NEEDed 70 series tail light lenses R & L

    I need a new cruiser so I can debate what parts to buy again.
  4. MicahMan

    Tool kit - parts missing

    I believe that is to lower the spare tire down. I could be wrong as I've never needed to!!! Knock on wood!
  5. MicahMan

    What'd you pay for your GX?

    This isn't a fair comparison because we bought her 5 years ago. She had 39k on the clock and was meticulously maintained. Paid $22k then rolled $3k of negative from the wife's mistake of a malibu. Just paid her off and she drives great! Almost time for the second timing belt we have 180k now...
  6. MicahMan

    Wanted FJC or TFR Rear Springs

    My GX rear air bags just crapped out. Looking for a set of rear FJ Cruiser rear springs or 03-09 4runner rear springs. 0-2" of lift is fine as the front is leveled already. Let me know! Micah 801 824 50 nine nine
  7. MicahMan

    For Sale 1984 Toyota FJ60

    I sold this truck last year and it is back on the market. Great rig wish I could buy it back. Dave is a good dude!
  8. MicahMan

    Builds The great Stoffel (HJ61 build)

  9. MicahMan

    Any tips, advice etc for HJ61 lift kit install?

    I used an engine hoist to lift the entire front or rear. I worked one axle at a time and left the tires on since I was by myself and without "Proper" safety equipment. This worked for me as I have a compressor and air tools. Nothing fancy just helped with stubborn bolts. I've also done one...
  10. MicahMan

    Any tips, advice etc for HJ61 lift kit install?

    Saving a couple bucks on shackles and pin hangers could cost you hours of torches, pull pals, broken knuckles and curse words. That being said I have lifted a number of 60 series and two of those were rusty and crusty. I spent an entire week spraying down with PB blaster every nut and bolt I...
  11. MicahMan

    Prinsu roof rack - similar style and company for 60s?

    Dave is a cool guy pretty reasonable to work with. I sold the truck to him and he's taken really good care of it. I believe he has my old Gamiviti feet and load bars I originally made for my tepui tent before the Prinsu Rack too. PM me if you want his cell. He's trying to sell old blue as...
  12. MicahMan

    Prinsu roof rack - similar style and company for 60s?

    Sorry Super Late to the party. Mine was a prototype 60 rack, but I spoke with Zach and his normal day job has exploded and he actually sold his designs and business to CBI.
  13. MicahMan

    GX470 front seat uncomfortable

    I went from FJ40 Stock seats to FJ62 Stock seats to HJ61 suspension seat to PT Cruiser Seats in an FJ60 now to my GX. So comfort is relative! All seats wear out and I agree that a 6'2" 280 lb guy wears them out faster, but I've had good success with local upholstery shops fixing my seats.
  14. MicahMan

    Toyota Tacoma TRD sport stock OEM 17" rims on GX470

    I like how these look. They came off a 2017 4Runner. Same Dimensions i believe. I'm running 265/70R17 Toyo ATII with a 2 inch strut spacer up front and tricked airbags out back. Way better than the crappy chrome wheels that were on it! (And yes that is victoria secret behind the truck)
  15. MicahMan

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 "Old Blue"

  16. MicahMan

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 "Old Blue"

    Need to sell my truck. It has been my daily for a couple of years and I've built it up. Contact me with Questions! 801-824-50Nine Nine 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser on
  17. MicahMan

    Builds Poppy- '84 FJ60

    love the skid!
  18. MicahMan

    Replacement radiator suggestions/recommendations

    I had a local shop build me an aluminum rad. Great until it gets too cold!!!!!!!!!!! Winter takes a few minutes to warm up.
  19. MicahMan

    Trollhole off idle stumble.

    Understatement! I've bought 5 carbs from Marshal all work great after I adjusted them and got timing dialed in for my Elevation. Can't beat em they are a dynamite product. There is even one on a spotless restoration that hangs out in a museum.
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