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  1. bowyer2002

    CL campershell = score for me!

    BlackUSK56 - They are hard to come by and this one was only 100 miles from home! I was fortunate - the auto dealer didn't do their research and know what it was worth before posting. PLUS I got to sell my tonneau cover to cover the cost of the new shell. Good luck in your search!
  2. bowyer2002

    CL campershell = score for me!

    I found a Leer shell for my '07 Tundra Crewmax on CL for $500 and got the Bedrug Liner for another $100 bill. Probably my best 'deal' I've run across. I got the Model 100XQ Leer, it is carpeted, has 3 cigarette outlets, a clothes hanger thingy, a light and a ceiling storage box. In talking with...
  3. bowyer2002

    Cooper tires

    I REALLY like my set of 5 ST Maxx tires. They've been on for 2 yrs now and I have had NO issues, they ride fine, noise level is acceptable and they seem to be wearing well with about 15K miles on them - miles that are comprised of about 80% pavement and 20% gravel roads. Sidewalls are stiff...
  4. bowyer2002

    Hello!! Newbie here.

    Trailer details/build? Trailer looks pretty set up!
  5. bowyer2002

    2001 Toyota 4Runner on 17" wheels???

    My '01 taco on FJ wheels They fit w/o any problem.
  6. bowyer2002

    Brakes on my 2002 4WD Highlander...first time

    x2 on the rotor replacement - I'm on my original set with 213K miles on them. Several pads have been replaced though. I've miked them and they're not too thin, yet. Good job on taking on this easy wrenching task of changing brake pads!
  7. bowyer2002

    SafetyDang's Slow Tacoma Build

    Great write up! Where did you source the Scion seats? I need to replace mine from 213K miles of driving!
  8. bowyer2002

    Tall skinnies on 2006 tacoma

    I ran Cooper STs for about 8yrs & 140K miles, with a very similar lift, and never had a rubbing issue, even with mild offroading. I cannot comment on tire chains though - but the Cooper's were severe weather rated, if that helps.
  9. bowyer2002

    Looking for a 4 post garage lift

    Maybe edit post #9 to include others that may have helped :D See you at SMORR - bring your checkbook in case you need to buy a truck there!
  10. bowyer2002

    SMORR sept. 20-23

    I'll be at SMORR in my white Taco and my brother will be there in his 2nd gen. silver taco. ALSO I will have a set of 5 aluminum 6 bolt 16" OEM rims from my Tacoma for sale with 255/85/R16 Cooper Discoverer tires (30%) if anyone is interested! See you there!
  11. bowyer2002

    01 taco on 285's??

    881s - just in case you end up installing a bumper/winch/etc. just my .02
  12. bowyer2002

    Wanted Stock FZJ80 front bumper

    If Bromontana isn't interested - I may. Please help with this, if the bumper fits a '97 LX450 - basically an 80, I would be interested What color is it? May not matter, just curious. Thanks!
  13. bowyer2002

    1st. Gen Tacoma Buyers Guide

    Great guidance information for a buyer!
  14. bowyer2002

    Time for a fuel filter change on the 4runner

    similar results with my Tacoma. imagine what some trucks would run like with a new fuel filter, new air filter, new o2 sensors and MAF cleaning!
  15. bowyer2002

    Can i fit 255/85/16 tires?

    I have that same size tire on my Tacoma with similar lift - works fine for the last 2 sets of tires and 100K miles. No regearing here and my truck still performs fine. The UCA and the tire will move together vertically - so clearance between the two will remain the same - unless you pack a...
  16. bowyer2002

    Wanted WTB - stock Tacoma shackles '99-'05

    WTB - Tacoma shackles '99-'05 GOT 'EM FROM GOVT.MULE Looking for a set of OEM shackles. Currently have longer ones want to go back to stock with new spring packs. Any help is appreciated!:cheers: look at my 100% e-bay feedback and know I will deal honestly with you. GOT SHACKLES FROM...
  17. bowyer2002

    Question about my SAW's

    I dont think that the shock adjustability is what limits your front end lift. If you crank up your C/O shocks too much you'll be sacrificing the CV joints. I ran 255/85/16 for the last 7 yrs with minimum rubbing and only when offroading. Just my .02. Don't go over 3" on the front or your...
  18. bowyer2002

    upstream sensor help

    use a craftsman "Bolt Out" tool that is what worked for me.
  19. bowyer2002

    '01 Tacoma dripping front diff breather hose

    Have you considered that driving over the overpass caused a pressure change inside the diff? As your elevation increases the pressure inside the diff could increase. Just a thought.
  20. bowyer2002


    I didn't do as you requested but I know axle assemblies are reasonable $$ I put new ones in 18months ago for about $80/each. AND it was an easy job to do. I figured that 150K on the original equipment was good and it is easier to change them in the shop than when they might want to fail on a trip.
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