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  1. samba

    Yay! Just got my new SpringBar Tent!!

    my brother camps in a springbar and thinks its the best ever.
  2. samba

    Travelling Cruisers

    incredible build! beautiful craftsmanship. more please...
  3. samba

    How loud would it really be?

    tore out the carpet, line-xed the entire floor and wells. the sound doesn't bother me much at all and looks a hell of a lot better than dirty carpet.
  4. samba

    Looking for flares

    SOR used to sell a few different styles, don't know if they still do.
  5. samba

    Orange County CA

    Jim Dickey in Gardena next to the goodyear blimp landing. welcome!
  6. samba

    diffusing harsh lantern light, or 'can pyrex be etched?'

    yep, sorry. found them, but not for your model. good luck with the etching.
  7. samba

    diffusing harsh lantern light, or 'can pyrex be etched?'

    for those with coleman lanterns, coleman makes a frosted globe, but not sure if northstar does.
  8. samba

    Home-made Awnings

    the springbar tent website has some nice adjustable aluminum awning poles for cheap. thats what i use. sorry i dont have any photos of it up.
  9. samba


    i've had very good luck with benchmark atlases in california and oregon. very detailed and almost all of the dirt, fire, back country, logging roads are drawn. i really like to have paper maps with me just in case. they have a gps grid on them as well. great for cross referencing as well.
  10. samba

    diffusing harsh lantern light, or 'can pyrex be etched?'

    i would think that you would have better luck for strippers in reno rather than driving all the way to lake mead.:)
  11. samba

    Feedback: BFG AT 33x9.5x15 on 8" wheel

    i run them on an 8in wheel and i wish they were on 7's. performance wise i have no problems. i like them. looks wise, they would look better on 7's. airing down exposes a lot of sidewall in the downward direction. havent had any punctures in the sidewall yet, but it makes me nervous. sand...
  12. samba

    Sand Ladders, its a good item to buy it?

    this might be a stupid question, but i do not own a set of ladders and dont know any one who does. i also spend a lot of time in the desert and sand, but its mostly beach sand which changes consistency a lot. heres the question, once you get the ladders in place and you finally get rolling in...
  13. samba

    stickers for my 60

    i would love to see the third picture in that sequence.
  14. samba

    2 60's switched vin plates??

    forget switching them, just pull them off and toss em. then grind the frame numbers off and toss the plates in the trash with the vin tags. who cares, you own both vehicles....
  15. samba

    Factory mistake ? NO antenna for radio stations

    the white looks too bright. looks like a repaint to me too.
  16. samba

    A heartwarming newby intro

    congrats! nice find. we need more 60's in the orange county area. way to many disco's already.
  17. samba

    Is this a good snatch block and how are they used?

    X2. its unmarked. its not worth the risk. safe recovery isnt about how cool your equipment looks. save your money and get your shackles chromed instead.
  18. samba

    Lift and Tires

    excellent setup. you will be very happy with the suspension and tire size. the all-terrains are great on and off the road. post some pics when you get it done. easy install.
  19. samba

    Favorite onboard air hose?

    x2 flexeel
  20. samba

    Random and maybe stupid question???

    there is no way i would tow a 25ft airstream across the country with my 60. it has a hard enough time towing the family and gear. but i love it.
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