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  1. Dparo

    Cruiser Dan and Beno?

    I took some online McGeorge pricing to my local dealership parts manager. I asked him if I bought a lot if he would match. He does. I have right around 25% off, I can't remember the code they use. Actually their price is a slight bit above McGeorge but I don't have to pay shipping. I...
  2. Dparo

    Land Cruiser Heritage Parts Project

    Submitted for both headlamps, windshield, washer reservoir, climate control w/Auto.
  3. Dparo

    TORFAB: The 1995 Emerald Green Refresh

    Have you decided what carpet you will be going with?
  4. Dparo

    Where to find a new windshield for ‘97

    I'd buy a new Toyota windshield, I hate this aftermarket glass.
  5. Dparo

    Window won't roll-up when weather is cold or wet.

    I also used some soap. Unfortunately for me after replacing all of the runners my windows are still slow. I'll probably just live with it, not really wanting to spend $800-ish on motors.
  6. Dparo

    Anyone got a big trip planned for 2023?

    WYBDR in early August.
  7. Dparo

    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    Here is mine.
  8. Dparo

    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    I'll see if I have a pic or if not I will take one. Mine clears, once I see it again maybe it will joggle the memory on if there was anything that stood out.
  9. Dparo

    Extensive House Remodel...somewhat unplanned

    I might be over thinking this but can you add a link for that siding? Looks great!
  10. Dparo

    Fluid Film Application Tips.

    I use woolwax. I find that it lasts longer and seems to stick better.
  11. Dparo

    What are your 10 essentials?

    That's not the thread I'm thinking of but that definitely would be a nightmare to deal with. I was looking to replace the main tank. Meh, maybe carrying an extra 20L Scepter isn't the end of the world.
  12. Dparo

    LC Mechanic/Shop in Bitterroot Valley, MT ?

    Doesn't AEV have a location in Missoula? They might be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. Dparo

    What are your 10 essentials?

    I looked and looked and I swear someone posted on this forum about being a supplier of tanks for the VVTI years, I just can't find it though.
  14. Dparo

    100 Series Salvage/Rebuilt Title

    As someone that has bought and also sold a rebuilt titled vehicle it was something I wouldn't do again. If you have no intention on selling or expect to not sell at normal value then it is a known risk. I'd check with your insurance company first to be sure they will offer coverage for it...
  15. Dparo

    Where can I find a factory drop-in center console organizer?

    I just gave mine away to someone on this forum, looks like it's a popular piece.
  16. Dparo

    Finally, A Proper OE-Style 80-Series Sound System

    Is vegan leather just plastic?
  17. Dparo

    I Hate Mark Levinson

    Just read his wiki. I don't like him either. Serious though, just dump the factory amp and get something else and make life easier.
  18. Dparo

    Fridge Help: National Luna or Engel

    I'm on my 3rd NL60 dual control. The first two failed, the third seems to be working fine and I guess is a revised design. Equipt has had prompt customer service on all of it.
  19. Dparo

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    Are you charging a trailer battery?
  20. Dparo

    Dparo's 1997 Collectors Edition Build/Refresh

    So...I'm working a ton of OT right now and have little time, but I can order parts. I was going to replace the front O2 sensor that was throwing a code and well, there is no convertor. There is a bung welded in but I knew I was going to replace the gibson muffler at some point, looks like it...
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