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  1. gringocl

    Intermittent starting issues

    I had the same problem on my GS300, was the starter contacts. Really cheap and easy to fix.
  2. gringocl

    For Sale Az 1985 fj60 $2500

  3. gringocl

    For Sale Az 1985 fj60 $2500

    More pictures
  4. gringocl

    For Sale Az 1985 fj60 $2500

    1985 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 has a 4 speed manual transmission. 207k on the odometer. This truck has been in Tucson, AZ all of its life, and is my daily driver. The Paint shows its age and is not the original color. There is virtually no rust, only a little surface looks like either a battery...
  5. gringocl

    Crossing the Verde at Sheeps Bridge

    here is a video from my 80 the first weekend we had it, crossing at the sheeps bridge. It was completely stock. Crossing the the verde on the other end was a little swifter but still no problem. The xterra we were with got swept a good 10 feet down stream. This was a while back. Was fun...
  6. gringocl

    FS 1FZ stainless turbo exhaust manifold - NEW - AUSTRALIA

    Boy that is really pretty, wish I could afford it and the shipping....
  7. gringocl

    New 61 from Europe Spain help

    hola, I remembered a thread about a company in europe that had diesel stuff. All American Imports BV - 4WD Accessoires The also have connections in Australia and carry an intercooler for the HDJ80s. I believe. That might be closer than EEUU or AUS. Suerte y bienvenidos. miles
  8. gringocl

    Intro of my new '85 FJ60 (kind of long)...

    Well the weekend saga continues.... I removed the intake/exhaust manifold. Pretty fun process, just imagining putting it all back together now. Seems that it isn't warped so that is good. Removed the valve cover. Again loose bolts all across the top. That will work as a reason to why...
  9. gringocl

    1997 fzj80

    I'm not a guru on the 80s but I had a locked '95. I could go look at with you wanted. Is it here in tucson? I see that you have two 60s. I just bought one and trying to work on it. If possible I would like to look at yours and see what a stock one looks like under the hood. Let me know miles
  10. gringocl

    2F Engine- WA

    Man, I would love to get a hold of that. I just bought an '85 FJ60. My pops lives in Bremerton and travels up to Lynden regularly. Let me talk to him and see when he will be up that way and I will take if off your hands...... miles
  11. gringocl

    Intro of my new '85 FJ60 (kind of long)...

    Costa Rica...... I went down there last year.... Loved it. Rented a Prado with a NA diesel. Drove down to Carate..... Have some pics of that... Went to El Salvador the year before that. y tambien vivi en Chile por 5 años. Just like that I love the Americas..... I want to get back...
  12. gringocl

    Intro of my new '85 FJ60 (kind of long)...

    Hello everyone I guess its time for an introduction. I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I originally began my Landcruiser addiction with a FZJ80. But my ex-wife decided she wanted to keep that in the divorice. So I had no other choice than sell my prized modded wrx wagon and buy...
  13. gringocl

    FS: 1992 HDJ81 (rolled)****SOLD****

    is this still available?
  14. gringocl

    Turbo 2h, h55, split case and other goodies

    Why are you selling it?
  15. gringocl

    1979 FJ55 Tucson, AZ

    Saw this on craigslist locally looks really nice, no affiliation 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
  16. gringocl

    Last minute trip Seattle to Tucson

    finally going to take it back down. Going to suck though cause the ex-wife is probably going to keep it. I'll just get a 60 or something. Take care, I'll be back up for x-mas. See you then.. miles
  17. gringocl

    Last minute trip Seattle to Tucson

    I know its rushed but I thought I would help someone if I can. I will be leaving seattle area tomorrow 11/28 midmorning heading towards tucson, AZ. I will be heading east out of washington through idaho and utah. I would like to take the shortest trip possible so I don't want to head off the...
  18. gringocl

    FS - FZJ80 Taillights and Turn Signals

    carefree - cave creek just give me a call. I'll be unbusy today and tomorrow...
  19. gringocl

    FS - FZJ80 Taillights and Turn Signals

    I do have paypal some where havent used it in a while. Where are you located? I would prefer not to ship if posible.....
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