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  1. 5280Hawk

    For Sale 1983 FJ60 Take a Look!

    Sale pending, Thanks Paul!
  2. 5280Hawk

    Hi Guys - Im sellling my 60

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  3. 5280Hawk

    Hi Guys - Im sellling my 60

    Its Bittersweet to say the least, here is the Ad over in the classifieds section - Some of you guys probably rememeber when i posted on here about it quite a bit. asking 5K.
  4. 5280Hawk

    For Sale 1983 FJ60 Take a Look!

    1983 Fj60 up for sale. Original un-rebuilt 2F engine w. 4 speed manual (229,000 miles). It runs great and passed an Emissions test in 2008. I am asking $5,000.00 firm I have a done a ton of work on this truck - New 3" safari Lift, 4.11 FJ62 thirds, new brake system from...
  5. 5280Hawk

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 no motor

    Hey Craig! Thanks so Much for the Seatbelts and Wiper Motor! Guys, Craig did a great job and gave me a great price on the parts i needed. If he has what you need, rest assured you will get a good deal. I'd do it again in a heart beat.
  6. 5280Hawk

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 no motor

    what color is the interior? thinking brown??? looking for rear seat belts and rear wiper motor/assembly shipped to 80227
  7. 5280Hawk

    fj60 part out

    Im interested in - Rear set belts, rear wiper motor and assembly. Thanks! will pay shipping to 80227
  8. 5280Hawk

    New F & 2F carbs

    Hey TH, How many still available in this December shipment?
  9. 5280Hawk

    True Cost of 60 Ownership

    What about this toyota Epic ski boat? I actually have a Mastercraft Sorry, back on topic.....
  10. 5280Hawk

    FJ60/62 Rear Bumper Kits

    So is that four kits you have available right now? I want one bad, but i have to hold out till my December X-mas bonus.
  11. 5280Hawk

    True Cost of 60 Ownership

    You might as well spell it B-O-A-T. That's the only bigger money pit i can think of...I have one of those too.:D
  12. 5280Hawk

    TrollHole Carb - Real Time Help.....

    could you elaborate on the idle circuit of the carb? Is that an internal component of the carb? I started having these problem after i ran it out of gas, I replaced the fuel filter. No help. The Vac system is inoperable right now, as the air pump is devaned, but no smog stuff removed except...
  13. 5280Hawk

    TrollHole Carb - Real Time Help.....

    Thanks for the info on the Engine Fuse - I figured that was where it was, but thought it might be under the hood in some obscure place. I cut the white wire coming from the ics and grounded it to the carb - when i would touch it to the screw it would click.....
  14. 5280Hawk

    TrollHole Carb - Real Time Help.....

    Fellow idiot here.....:D I just finished Grounding the white wire on the FCS on my stock carb to the Carb screw, and it did nothing to help my Idling problem. I can't keep my 60 running without keeping the choke pulled out part way. :confused: Where is this engine fuse you speak of? maybe...
  15. 5280Hawk

    catalytic converter in Denver

    Heres a good one for you. I have an 83 FJ60 that i had to have a test done on. I applied for classic plates since it's 25 yrs old. BUT i had to pass the Emmissions test at least one time before they issued the plates. I had most of my smog stuff in the truck, but the system was inoperable...
  16. 5280Hawk

    Vortec time for the SAR guy :-)

    Do you mind posting the Price of that bad boy? Also do you have any plans for that Weber?
  17. 5280Hawk

    83 60 won't idle

    I was getting it warmed up today to take it out and about, and ended up running it out of gas! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: So after getting some gas in it, it started back up, but now it will not run AT ALL with out the Choke. Do you think I released some sediment into the fuel filter? or maybe...
  18. 5280Hawk

    Elliott's buildup: semi-resto 60

    WTF??? You need to move to a place with more room, not less. Just kidding man, im sure there's plenty good reason. I have a 1 car garage (if that) and its full or cruiser parts and Boat toys, definitely need more room. Were you serious about the 540 rodeo? Thats petty sick riding.
  19. 5280Hawk

    Blank instrument panel for those with aftermarket gauges

    What is the panel going to be made with? what color?
  20. 5280Hawk

    Headlight upgrade harness FJ60 and FJ62

    Hey im liking this! PM sent!
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