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    Parting Out SOLD

    You still have your transmission? I'd be interested if so...also clutch and accessories...
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    For Sale Built Samurai F/S/T, Lockers, Propane, Geared T-Case and Axles

    Damn I saw this thing on Zukikrawlers. It keeps taunting me. Bump for a sweet ride.
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    For Sale 1984 4runner

    1984 4runner, 276xxx miles, runs, has a leak at the oil pump, can bak soft top, 33x13.5x15 super swamper ltbs 90% tread, bedliner inside, CB, CD, a/c is there, but has a leak somewhere and will only hold freon about a week, $2500, located in Spring, TX Currently not street legal, but can be...
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    WTT Pro Comp extreme muds 35" new on FJ alloys

    How about some 33x13.5x15 Super Swamper LTBs on Black Rock Crawlers?
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    coolant leak

    Have an 84 4runner with a 22r. As I was driving the car began to run hot an smelled coolant burning, I discovered coolant leaking from passenger side area under the air filter/carburetor and above the starter. I thought it might be the hose that is in between this area, but after replacing...
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    Thought I would pass on the information. There is a BJ70 for sale in Conroe, TX (north of houston). It is an '87 and if memory serves it has has low mileage. I am not sure of the exact kilometers, but they were pretty low. It is also right hand drive. When I was looking, they wanted $14000...
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    83 lifted fj60 in colorado

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    price help

    1987, good title, not sure of engine except it is a 4cyl. diesel, no pics, but saw the car in person and spoke with the guy this morning. he offered to let me take it home for the day, but i wanted to let my wife see it first. however, i heard it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
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    price help

    I recently sold an 87 fj60 and found a diesel landcruiser. not sure what you call it, but it is a 2 door with right hand drive. i spoke with the gentlemen, and he had bought it from a gentlemen who imported it from Australia. it has 109xxxkm and he wants $14000 usd. is this a good price...
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    1983 FJ60 Loked, lifted and mods (Texas)

    i'm usually home @ 5pm. I know it says your going to school at Sam. I don't know if you ever come through this way, but if I wheel @general sam's I could come up there. however, one of my pulleys is seized and it needs to be fixed before I would go up there.
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    1983 FJ60 Loked, lifted and mods (Texas)

    Noticed you either live in sugarland or huntsville. I actually live in spring, any chance that i might be able to check it out? will be out of town for labor day weekend though.
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    FS '85 fj60 - Built

    Do you still have this vehicle for sale? I live in spring and would like to check it out. If you don't could you tell me which dealership you traded it in at? Thanks
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    "86 FJ-60 for sale

    is this vehicle still for sale? I am interested
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    1987 fj60

    $2500 obo
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    1987 fj60

    Here are some pictures w/new price $3000 obo
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    1987 fj60

    stock 1987 fj60 for sale in Houston, TX, $3500 obo, 150k miles. Interior is decent shape with some stains on the carpet and a place where the PO spilled some paint in the cargo area. Only tears on the seat is on the driver's side where you adjust the back of the seat. 2 cracks on the dash...
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    4wd prob

    it is an '84 4runner with 4" lift and running 33x13.5 super swamper ltb's. The 4wd worked fine about 3 weeks ago, would the hubs needing grease/to little grease make them go? oh yeah it is open diffs.
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    4wd prob

    Was giving a tour of our farm this weekend to extended family, and was cut short because my 4wd would not work. Shifter and hubs worked fine, driveshaft was turning, but no spinning of the front wheels. This was in both 4wd hi and lo. Hubs trurned easy into the locked position and did not...
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    Looking for what kind of seats you guys have replaced your front seats with. Looking for ideas (whether aftermarket or used from a junkyard)...Dan Oh yeah, this vehicle does 50/50 trail/street time.
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    thrown rod

    He is not to much of a mechanic. He actually told me that when he threw the rod, that it lost power, but his girlfriend who was driving it at the time, was able to drive it to a shopping center and park it. He stated that it would still fire up, but that it ran rough and did not have a lot of...
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