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    1982 BJ42 Re-Restoration

    Wow, looking great! I would love to nab myself a diesel.
  2. J

    Misplaced West Coaster in RI

    I'm the reverse: a displaced Ma$$hole on the West Coast. There are a lot of good people in the area that will fill you in on good places to wheel. I wasn't aware of the new sticker law, though.
  3. J

    dmaddox's 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Restoration and Information Thread

    Wow, that looks great! Was the subframe solid?
  4. J

    dmaddox's 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Restoration and Information Thread

    Cool. I would have gone with Torque Thrust rather than Boyds, but it's not my car. I have a '66 Coronet 2-dr HT with a 440 that never gets driven anymore. :rolleyes:
  5. J

    For Sale 1984 K10 Silverado Long Bed Truck (Georgia)

    What town are you in?
  6. J

    For Sale 1976 FJ40

    The price posted seems fair for a running/driving truck. I've seen junk going for more than that.
  7. J

    New to MA... soon

    With the exception of donks (which should be inspected), I can honestly say the cars on the road here don't look any crappier than the stuff I used to see driving up north.
  8. J


    There's probably a lot of guys named Colt in Alabama being that it's Alabama and all.
  9. J

    waaaaaaaaaaa... dog died....

    I agree with zimm.
  10. J

    Dog keeps chewing on A/C wires

    Setup one of those invisible perimeter pen things to keep him away from the AC unit?
  11. J

    new hampshire vehicle inspection

    There are lots of lifted trucks in NH. It's not like the state has a ban on them. I think you're worrying about nothing.
  12. J

    40 road trip

    Ant, good to hear, man. I remember talking to you about it a few years ago when it still needed a lot work, and it's cool to see that everything came together. The truck looks awesome.
  13. J

    Weird dog question

    Since the question at hand has nothing to do with dogs sleeping under porches, why are you here, crazy?
  14. J

    Weird dog question

    Maybe, like BOUNDER's dog, it broke its tooth by biting one of the gold bars you left lying around.
  15. J

    Mac & Cheese

    Nothing makes a fat man angrier than when the sauce starts to separate. Truthfully, that sounds damn good.
  16. J

    Holiday MRE Trail Meal Giveaway!!

    Translation: if it ain't got truffle salt and duck fat, it doesn't fly in my pet forum, girlfriend.
  17. J

    Just Finished Cold Smoking my Kobe (Wagyu) Bacon

    That wasn't really Wagyu bacon, it was a meatloaf.
  18. J

    Tasty Quail Recipes??? Post them up..

    Atticus went to Dartmouth and Harvard. He's more WASP than Colonel Sanders.
  19. J

    DOG SNOREZzzzzzzzzz...

    Vets, as in veterinarians, or Vettes, as in three '81 crossfire injection Corvettes?
  20. J

    How long 'till I can wax a fresh paint job?

    My car's got some fine clear coat scratches that can be seen in the sun. Polishing did jack s***. Will clay bar help?
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