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  1. Delancy

    Need help reversing shackle reversal

    Guess an OE appearing option is out the door, anyway. Sure this is burned through frame. Guess a ‘kit’ is also a pipe dream….. Tired of the handling woes and ride. See no way to correct BUT to reverse the reverse, but sure looks like a helluva hassle.
  2. Delancy

    Need help reversing shackle reversal

    Any new resources for perches?? Planning stages of reversing reversal and haven’t a clue what options there are.
  3. Delancy

    Best route for shipping some leaf springs to Cali from Colorado

    I don’t think fastenal is shipping into CA, right now, either. FedEx Freight may be worth checking into. Don’t think they’d need to be palletized.
  4. Delancy

    Vintage Air kit for 55?

    I’ve got an early (71-ish) and late setup that appear will be unused….. Probably not as efficient, but truly vintage. Next June?? Dragging this move out, huh? Ha!!
  5. Delancy

    SOLD Los Angeles 80 series stock wheels and tires

    Is the pitting on the face too deep to machine, in your opinion? Hard to tell in single pic.
  6. Delancy

    SOLD CA: Radflo 2.5” Diameter Shocks for 80 series NIB 0-2” Lift (Los Angeles area)

    Great product, great company, and the shocks are a remarkable improvement for a ‘stock’ height 80.
  7. Delancy

    1FZ FE into a 60, what woul be required

    De nada.
  8. Delancy

    1FZ FE into a 60, what woul be required Can’t open to see if correct, sifting through others, but posting what I find for posterity.
  9. Delancy

    1FZ FE into a 60, what woul be required

  10. Delancy

    '97 Poverty Pack

    Six miles prior to this momentous milestone, the D is forever extinguished.....
  11. Delancy

    For Sale NIB 1HZ Short Block and Head

    Yes. HD and HZ variants. Not on eBay. Ad was posted an eternity ago, and Mrs. D monitors, therefore replies are forced. Periodically on mud, but easily overwhelmed by notifications. Free time has become a commodity, and expendable cash is consumed at alarming rates by other endeavors. As we...
  12. Delancy

    1FZ-FE Engine Rebuild Parts List

    No, this isn’t the car I know we’ve all seen, but the predecessor was built on a junkyard shortblock that had absolutely nothing done to it.
  13. Delancy

    Wanted Piggie with good bones

    Keep it simpler..... 2F rebuilt with 3F head, manifolds and carb. 4.5” BS with 80 axles and it’ll still be way outside the fender wells....... which I’d be hesitant to run with a minty body..... if one really exists.
  14. Delancy

    Builds Unicorns are real... My dream car FJ73 build

    I regret 4.11s.... (1HZ/35s).
  15. Delancy

    Steering box??

    Bet beno sent to West Texas Off-road.....
  16. Delancy

    1fz-h55f bellhousing pre-order

    No one, because it’s completely illogical. The benefit of this combination is to put a 1FZ-FE in vintage Cruisers......not a vintage H55F in new. I have an H151F, as well an H150F, both with HF1A mechanical cases, HD/HZ or FZ bell housing, flywheel and clutch......which is about 45% of...
  17. Delancy

    Specifically, how is “width” measured ?

    If considering mix and match of Cruiser components, Cruiser Outfitters has overall LC axle widths somewhere on website.
  18. Delancy

    Steering box??

    $.00851 per mile. Doesn’t sound too bad a deal to me, but rebuilding isn’t a huge affair. Find a core (if can’t do without) send with new sector shaft and few hundred to West Texas Off-road, and it’ll be as good as new for another 235k.
  19. Delancy

    Softer Ride FZJ80 Daily Driver

    If you do change coils, order rears for PP80, if planning to run sans rear seats. My 97 came with no sunroof or third row, and coils coincided with similar, non-US part numbers. Wouldn’t think it’d make that big of a difference, but when replaced everything as spec’d, ride is actually comfy...
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