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  1. fortysixandtwo

    March German Bar run

    Hooray I found our forum. And remembered my Mud login info. I plan on attending.
  2. fortysixandtwo

    Help Save Johnson Valley OHV Area

    Wow, no replies? Come on folks, it takes less than 2 minutes to sign this petition. Help keep public land open to the public!
  3. fortysixandtwo

    Rig O' Da Month: Clifford, the 1986 Toyota Hilux

    That is one great looking truck. Love what you've done with it. Do you pull people over on the trail? hahah
  4. fortysixandtwo

    46&2's 85 4Runner build up

    After a year on hold while I sorted out my life, school, and finances, I finally got the 4runner back together. Here is the run down on what got accomplished recently: New Marlin 1600 HD clutch, new throwout bearing (the CF pilot still looked brand new) Tranny back in :turtle: Duals...
  5. fortysixandtwo

    ROTM: Toyminator's 1989 Pickup

    Always loved your rig man. Hood scoop looks sweet. Wanted to do the same thing to my 4runner just for fun haha.:beer:
  6. fortysixandtwo

    My front bumper build

    Nice! Looking good so far!!
  7. fortysixandtwo

    Got new tires - 35x12.5 MT/R Kevlars

    Nice, definitely interested in hearing your opinion on these tires. For me as well it is a toss up between the new MTRs, or the new BFGs.
  8. fortysixandtwo

    ...and here I was thinking merging 2 cabs would look strange...

    This is a much higher quality, cleaner looking home brew double cab. It was for sale recently in Northern CA somewhere, found it on craigslist and saved the photos.
  9. fortysixandtwo

    4-Runner Reliability

    Come on, its a Toyota... do you really need to ask?? :D Really though, the only 4runner motor to avoid is the 3.0 v6, which was long gone by the model years you are considering.
  10. fortysixandtwo

    Cold Air

    Personally I prefer to leave the stock air box with an aftermarket filter. it has more than once saved my intake from sucking in water in deep water crossings where an open air filter or cold air would have been sucking it up.
  11. fortysixandtwo

    46&2's 85 4Runner build up

    Finally after what seems like forever, the duals are back together. My original high range shift rail was bent so I had to find a new one, which took some time. My buddy Kyle got my cases all back together and ready to rock, now running 23 spline 4.7 gears :D Now I just need to resurface my...
  12. fortysixandtwo

    Mini truck diesels... dive in or stick with the 22re

    Go with a 22RE. you will thank yourself.
  13. fortysixandtwo

    63" chevy question

    How long of a shackle are you running?
  14. fortysixandtwo

    63" chevy question

    Not sure why everyone is against the double shackle, going on 4 years running it and never had a single problem, I love it. I would do it all over again on my next rig in a heartbeat. You say you are running a 1.5" lift shackle, so how long is the shackle itself? I have found that a stock...
  15. fortysixandtwo

    '85 SR5 4Runner

    Nice 4runner. I have always been partial to that color combo on the first gen 4runners because it was a 4runner just like that that got me into Toyotas and ended up causing me to get my 85 4runner :cheers:
  16. fortysixandtwo

    46&2's 85 4Runner build up

    I could get you an overall cost estimate based on how much I have sunk into it from day one, but that would take forever, and also probably make me cringe, Though I think I did save a lot of money in the long haul. So what I will do is compile a list of the components I am currently running at...
  17. fortysixandtwo

    5MGE swap?

    I have thought about doing a 5MGE or 7MGE swap in my 4runner but they are hard to come by in my area and 3RZs are far more common, so I will probably go that route. My 85 Supra has the 5MGE though so if I ever had the heart I could rip it out of that thing, but its so much fun to drive....:D
  18. fortysixandtwo

    Which locker

    ARB or E locker for sure. Marlin Crawler sells fully build, ready to drop in third members.
  19. fortysixandtwo

    46&2's 85 4Runner build up

    Yup, I have always been a loyal Marlin customer and this proved I have made a wise investment over the years.... :D
  20. fortysixandtwo

    46&2's 85 4Runner build up

    For sure!! I doubt many other companies would stand behind their customers like that. Thanks Marlin!!!!!
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