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  1. mister

    80 series Slinky/ICON Long Travel Suspension officially coming to the U.S.A.

    Kolasin, thanks for response. I suppose I could ask for assistance from those in this thread that have a lot of real world experience with the slinky extra heavy or heavy springs. I have a lot of off road experience. Most years use to average 5000 miles a year off road. Not so much in recent...
  2. mister

    80 series Slinky/ICON Long Travel Suspension officially coming to the U.S.A.

    Hi hogan, nice rig, could you shoot me a pm. I’d like to as some questions about your suspension setup. Thank you
  3. mister

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Factory Lockers - Southern California

    Just fyi, I don't think it is tacky at all. I have never understood people getting upset about it. This is what the forums are great for and great place to list it. Looks like a clean cruiser. GLWS
  4. mister

    For Sale '96' FZJ80 w/factory lockers with engine issues, what's it worth?

    I payed 1500 for my 94 with, lockers 140k miles with a bad head gasket. It ran and drove and sounded fine. I took it to the dealer and had HG fixed. That was over 60k miles ago.
  5. mister

    Let's see your 80 on skinnies!

    I know cost is always a concern, but bar non the best tire in the 255 is the Toyo M-55. Most forest service trucks in north west run them and a ton of mining trucks in northern Nevada. I have run several on tow rigs and off road rigs without ever having a single issue.
  6. mister

    FZJ80 axle shafts

    Stock will be fine. They tend to be more forgiving than chromos. I've put my stockers with 37's through a lot without issues. My 85 Toyota runs 39" bias and stock rear axles. I've beat the hell out of them for over 12 years and only broke one in Moab two years ago. Just carry a stock spare...
  7. mister

    Tire carrier with stock bumper build

    Thanks all, the clearance to the gate is 2". Should not be a problem. Unless the rock or tree does jump out. Years ago I was backing in very deep snow getting turned around and a tree jumped out caving in the rear gate of a heep I had. My own set up is 1.5" with a 37" tire. I built this set...
  8. mister

    Tire carrier with stock bumper build

    More pics
  9. mister

    Tire carrier with stock bumper build

    Well I have not been on here for a bit. Check in from time to time checking out the great stuff. I built this for a friend of mine and thought I would share to give some guys ideas. He wanted to retain factory look. I used .188 wall 2x2 for the main swing and .120 for the upper frame. 2x4...
  10. mister

    Official 37" and up picture thread

    Yes I did, thank you. I built the front, rear, sliders, and skids protecting everything that is necessary on the underside. As well as a 23 gallon aux gas tank that sits where the spare was. We spend thousands of miles a year in the desert and it never let's us down. You can view some of my...
  11. mister

    Official 37" and up picture thread

    Well I haven't posted much for some time. But I am always serching here for great imfo, 37" STT's, OME, 850+3/4" spacer, 864, 4.88s, and a ton of other crap.
  12. mister

    For Sale FS/FT 94 Toyota SAS BUILT daily driver/crawler

    We all can't be awesome web wheelers like him. Nice rig GLWS.
  13. shed hunting

    shed hunting

  14. shed hunting

    shed hunting

  15. moab 2011

    moab 2011

  16. south Idaho

    south Idaho

  17. south Idaho

    south Idaho

  18. after a day of wheeling

    after a day of wheeling

  19. mister

    For Sale Maxxis Bighorn

    I have one Maxxis Bighorn siped 315x75x16 with 17.5/32. They come with 21/32 new. It would make a great spare. $200.00 OBO Phil @ 208 899 3803 Boise Idaho
  20. mister

    For Sale Toyo mt fzj80 wheels

    Wheels sold Friday, I was out of town for the weekend and just got on here to edit add.
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