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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    1999 8,998 229,104 Damaged fog lights, broken antenna, bubbling rust right front fender, major dent and bubbling rust left front fender, bubbling rust multiple locations on rear hatch, frame rust, wheel corrosion, left front door panel damaged/ripped, steering wheel damaged, gear shifter...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    All good advice. I finally got ahold of the 20 something kid doing the claim work and let him know that we have been driving this vehicle almost as long as he's been alive and that I'm intimately familiar with its actual value. I also let him know that I was pretty much insulted that they...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    So, the verbal offer from Progressive arrived a few moments ago. Still waiting for the hardcopy of the report to be e-mailed to us. They are offering $7261.34 with a salvage value of $2900. In looking at 1998-2001 LC's on and There is only 1 LC being offered for...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    Alpine Access, I work for the USAF and my insurance is USAA. The other vehicle is insured by Progressive. Also, what part of the repair above did you help with? VFib, yours does indeed look a lot like mine. The end result looks perfect. No doubt I'll keep it, but what a PITA to deal...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    Agree on all points. The plates at the end of the frame horns are folded slightly, but I can straighten those out easily enough to put a Slee bumper on it. I already have a 4BD1T diesel with compounds powering my 1993 LC, so I wasn't quite ready to start this new project. I figured her 100...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    I chatted with my company tonight (USAA) and got some good info from someone who seemed very knowledgeable of the process. We only carried liability on this vehicle, so there are fewer options that they can provide for us since we didn't have comp. They offered to review the offer from...
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    Pic of the Tesla for those interested. Thanks again, Adam R.
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    Help - pretty sure my 100 series is about to be totaled

    O.K. Here is the deal. Wife was #3 in line pulling away from a green light the other day and a Tesla ran a red light and clipped her front end. Other driver was clearly at fault, cited by LEO and there were a number of witnesses. Our 1999 LC has 292,000 miles and is in excellent mechanical...
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    For Sale FZJ Valve cover gasket, 6 spark plug gaskets & 12 valve stem seals

    I have some left over gaskets from when I had the stock motor in my 80 series. OEM valve cover gasket, 6 KOYO spark plug seals, 12 valve stem seals and a handful of EGR related gaskets (mine fell off at some point so I never used them). $40 for the whole lot if interested. Adam
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    MUDShip COS>SLC>BOI>PDX>EUG and back

    I'll be driving a truck and empty car trailer from Colorado to Oregon on 22-23 Dec and then returning back to Colorado with just the truck on 2-3 January. Let me know if anyone needs something moved along this route. Adam
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    MUDShip Colorado to Idaho - SLEE skid

    Sent you a PM. Adam
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    MUDShip Empty truck & trailer going from Colorado to Oregon

    I'll be driving from Colorado Springs, through Salt Lake City, then Boise and ultimately to Eugene, OR starting on 27 Sept. If anybody has anything that needs moved that direction, give me a shout. Adam
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    Gas smell pressure in tank

    This would happen all the time to us when we lived in Colorado, especially at high elevation. Today's crappy gas begins to boil off the more volatile compounds at some fairly low temps. Combine high fuel temps, with low atmospheric pressure and you get a lot of fuel boiling off. Part of the...
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    CV front shaft for a 4L80E to Toyota TC

    As the title states, I've put a 4BD1T/4L80e engine/trans in my 80 series that is mated to the stock TC with a piece of Advanced Adapters hardware. The clearance between the 4L80E pan and my stock front drive shaft is about the width of my semi-large fingers, about 3/4 of an inch. I'm running J...
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    1993 LC Oil Sender Ohm range

    Anybody know what the ohm range is for the oil pressure sender. I think my diesel engine conversion blew mine out as the gauge goes straight to max now. Cold startup showed 110 psi on my mechanical gauge in the engine bay, but it settles down to 20 psi at idle when fully warm. Looking to...
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    For Sale Various 80 series parts, Layton, UT

    Yes, all the parts are out of a 1993 LC. Thanks, Adam
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    For Sale Various 80 series parts, Layton, UT

    Compound turbo 4BD1T Isuzu backed up with a slightly built 4L80E. Build thread is over on 4BTSwaps under Adam R.
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    For Sale NV 4500 Layton, Utah

    NV 4500 out of a 2001 Chevy. 100K miles on it when pulled. Project changed directions. Sorry, but local pickup only. $1000 obo. Adam
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    For Sale Various 80 series parts, Layton, UT

    A few more pics of the parts.
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