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  1. ronin-0707

    SOLD 1999 Champagne Pearl (silver) 169k mi Diff locker 1 owner $6k

    Send a pm, also interested in purchasing.
  2. ronin-0707

    HELP! Stuck a thousand miles from home!

    agree with starter, happened to me just as you described on the way to mammoth was stuck in the value-sport parking lot-feel your pain hope you get it worked out
  3. ronin-0707

    craigslist 1997 FZJ80 series Land cruiser

    Sent an email and a message.
  4. ronin-0707

    For Sale FJ80 Lockers F&R California Moon Roof 168,500 Stock

    good am bump. @fzj55: how did the cruiser drive? any concerns? thoughts? and thanks for taking the time.
  5. ronin-0707

    For Sale Locked 96 lx450 215k, HG serviced, lift, 35s, Southern WI

    nice cruiser. can you send pics of the frame and any significant areas of rust? does the third row come with? thanks
  6. ronin-0707

    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 fully locked 294,000 miles

    hello, can tell your cruiser has fresh paint! was there any accidents prior? what was the original color? any rust on the frame? was the head gasket replaced? can you send pics of the interior? does it come with the 3rd row? can you send pics of the engine bay as well? and close of pics of the...
  7. ronin-0707

    Southern California Landcruiser mechanics

    x2 on Yotamasters, they do regular service and complete mechanical services. They did my head gasket repair and have repaired and maintained my 80 series.
  8. ronin-0707

    Parting Out 1994 green land cruiser

    Hi, do you have the driver's side, side mirror and the cigarette/12 volt socket including the bulb the illuminates the plastic ring? Thanks TL
  9. ronin-0707

    Parting Out 1994 Emerald Green FJ80 in SoCal. Oak interior Runs strong!

    I would like to purchase the cigarette/12 volt socket including the bulb that lights up the plastic opaque ring. Wondering if still available or did it go with the dash. Thanks.
  10. ronin-0707


    if you still have it. I would like pricing for the driver side, front side mirror and the cigarette/12 volt socket including the bulb that lights up the plastic ring to 91709. PM to be sent.
  11. ronin-0707

    craigslist 97 fzj80 88,000miles no lockers $16900

    again not mine, but wish it could be 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser -- 2 Owner -- 88,000 Original Miles no lockers but white in modesto $16900
  12. ronin-0707

    TJM on 95 FZJ80

    that looks awesome!! like the minimalist approach. where did you purchase? that will be the top of my list.
  13. ronin-0707

    craigslist 1976 fj55 in washington state $1500

    hi, again not mine FJ55 Landcruiser could be a good project for someone front disc brakes
  14. ronin-0707

    Mechanic Needed

    yotamasters in corona is just a trip on the 91. Jay and Eric are good guys and are knowledgeable about fzj80's.
  15. ronin-0707

    Eaton / Harrop Electric Lockers from Ironman & ACC Toyota

    Great option to have. Aussie rear and e-locker in front. I would be interested. How long has it been in production? Long term reliability? Again price is a concern, but...
  16. ronin-0707

    craigslist green 97 fzj80 craigslist 40th w lockers socal

    wondering if the mileage was rolled back see the autotrader ad miles listed at 152,671 Cars for Sale: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 in Bellflower, CA 90706: Sport Utility Details - 319462713 -
  17. ronin-0707

    best tire for offroad-mud, rock, snow

    Nitto Terra Grapplers I got 62,000 miles out of my last set and just put a new set on. Was thinking about the DuraTracs but reviews say they wear quickly like 40-45K or less. BUT my 80 is more of a DD: does great in rain, no issues in rock, ok in snow, haven't had it in mud.
  18. ronin-0707

    For Sale [CA-SoCal] 1FZ-FE OEM parts for sale

    payment sent for the 94 service manual
  19. ronin-0707

    Wanted emissions parts for 93-93 fzj80

    update: think we need the air pipe too that goes into the pair reed valve. see item #2 1994 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Parts - Toyota Parts thanks to those that replied please send pics via pm
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