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  1. jvb

    How many triple locked 100's here?

    Got some questions about the details of how to wire this up so here´s a follow-up: The Front Diff Lock Indicator light is powered by the combination meter and has one wire leaving the combination meter on Connector C, Pin 10. This is the 3rd connector counting from the left (Identified as C14...
  2. jvb

    TAC Monthly Get Together 2023

    I plan to be there, hope to see a couple 40's, been busy to get parts unstuck from the '67 and can use some advice. So far all brakes and clutch parts came off without too much damage and possibly even some being rebuildable if I can find the right kits. Park brake, steering column plus housing...
  3. jvb

    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2021?

    And replaced a MAF sensor that acted up during the cold spell last week. It took a day to track down a too rich fault code with both LTFTs stuck at -30% and still barely making 8 MPG. Had no vacuum leaks, fuel pressure at 44 psi, all plugs tight but the MAF sensor looked like it was reading a...
  4. jvb

    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2021?

    Installed 7" LED headlights on the 100. Had to delete the DRL function by removing the ignition line to the daytime running relay, apparently LEDs don´t like being placed in series with one of 'm in reverse polarity. New side markers are still somewhere in shipping. The trucklite LEDs provide a...
  5. jvb

    TAC Garage Sale 2022

    PM sent
  6. jvb

    TAC Garage Sale 2022

    Interested if they fit on a '67 FJ40
  7. jvb

    Updated: 11/04-11/06 | Mike Sears Memorial Run - 2022

    Unfortunately I can't make it over to Tuttle Creek this weekend, hope to enter next time with a 40. Have fun and don't break more than you can repair :)
  8. jvb

    solar power DIY

    Where I live it's Evergy. 4 years ago they did require a system diagram, a manual service disconnect switch at the Evergy entry point and a separate meter for the PV side. But indeed best to check what the actual requirements are.
  9. jvb

    solar power DIY

    Mostly victron energy components, they have tools on their site to design systems. Solar panels came from a recycle/overstock source. The home setup is for testing lithium chemistry EV batteries out of wrecked vehicles repurposing them for stationary off grid installations. There's a company...
  10. jvb

    solar power DIY

    Yes, DIY is possible. Installed it at home a couple years back. The local electricity provider inspected and approved the setup for continuous grid connection so it's now basically a UPS for the entire house, pushing electricity back into the grid on sunny days. After that, added a variant to...
  11. jvb

    Annual Club Meeting - April 30, 2022

    I'm planning to be there, put me down for 2, counting on my youngest boy to tag along. Looking forward to hear more trail & tech stories. Thank you Lael and @2fpower for hosting.
  12. jvb

    TAC Garage Sale 2022

    I'm interested, will pm.
  13. jvb

    99 LX470 Auto Door Locks, KeyFob, and Electrical Issues

    Not too bad, on my truck, only a handful of wires had to be fixed to get it back to factory state. The following documentation site has a pretty good overview: LC100 Workshop Manual - but I ended up purchasing the paper version with the electrical diagram for my year.
  14. jvb

    Android tablet style head units

    This thread has a ton of info: LC & LX470 Tesla Style Screen Radio Upgrade with Climate Control: General Discussions - but maybe too involved / replacing too...
  15. jvb

    99 LX470 Auto Door Locks, KeyFob, and Electrical Issues

    Sounds like a bad relay, connector or door switch? Is the remote locking and alarm system stock? I had similar symptoms in my 99 LC when I bought it and it had an aftermarket security system fitted which had been wired in very poorly. One of the fuses in the left kick panel was blown (I think it...
  16. jvb

    Bowed - rear lower control arm

    Just for reference, I have adjustable lower and upper links and a half turn (which is the minimum adjustment that can be made) equals 1 mm (0.04" but LC's are metric :-) That's twice your worst case calculated length change so yes, I wouldn't worry about the difference either.
  17. jvb

    Tornado Alley Cruisers Introductions

    Hello all, I met some of you in KC late August at the monthly get together and as I plan to drive to Tuttle creek this weekend will use this post for further introduction. We got our first (and thus far only :) land cruiser in July 2020 with the intention to turn it into a vehicle to go out camp...
  18. jvb

    Tuttle 2021 November 4-7th- MSMR

    Me and my wife plan to be there, arriving Saturday. Will bring corn bread and chips as sides plus a dessert.
  19. jvb

    Monthly get together

    I'm new to this forum and TAC and might stop by, have something that day in KC I can combine this with to make it worth the time spend on the road. How long do you usually stick around?
  20. jvb

    How many triple locked 100's here?

    My '99 LC has the Front Diff Lock indicator already in the combination display, even the bulb was mounted. All that was needed to use it is run a wire from connector C, pin 10 from the back of the dashboard, connect it to ground to light up the indicator: I suspect this was designed in and...
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