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  1. NCFarmboy

    Dakota digital gauges dead?

    OK – – can’t figure out what’s happening with my gauges. Fuses check out good, the gauges are plugged in appropriately. I’m not an electrical genius, unfortunately. I pulled the Dakota digital gauges out, and heard some rattling. A few of the small Phillips head screws, inside the gauge...
  2. NCFarmboy

    70’s race fj40 identification

    Subscribed! Cool find…. Looking forward to the story.
  3. NCFarmboy

    For Sale Tucson FJ 45 Resto Mod

    Is this still for sale?
  4. NCFarmboy

    Merry Grumpy Christmas Mudders

    Merry Christmas from Clover, SC. It’s 14* F here this morning! I’m planning to drive the cruiser to church this morning!
  5. NCFarmboy

    Builds Powda Blue 74 Build - Tilda Bogue Service Station

    And if he can’t trust it anymore, I’ll come write a check this week :)
  6. NCFarmboy

    Builds Powda Blue 74 Build - Tilda Bogue Service Station

    The owner is blessed to have you as his ‘mechanic’… Christmas Eve Eve, and making house calls… impressive!
  7. NCFarmboy

    For Sale Atlanta Area, 1964 FJ40 FST

    Beautiful truck…. GLWTS!
  8. NCFarmboy

    Normal Temperature at 70mph +/-

    Ok guys, back with a few photos. I haven’t been able to spend any time in the shop this week but I wanted to answer a few questions to keep the ball rolling; It does have a fan shroud, and a new water pump.
  9. NCFarmboy

    SOLD Knoxville, TN 1976 FJ40

    Beautiful Cruiser… Good luck with the sale.
  10. NCFarmboy

    Normal Temperature at 70mph +/-

    Wow! Didn’t know there was an app for my phone… I have the factory 4 speed transmission
  11. NCFarmboy

    Normal Temperature at 70mph +/-

    I’m running 33x10.50 tires. I’m assuming I have 3.70 gears being a ‘79 How could I verify the Dakota digital gauges being correct / incorrect?
  12. NCFarmboy

    Olive the 71 FJ40 build

    Beautiful build…glad you’re sticking with it!
  13. NCFarmboy

    Normal Temperature at 70mph +/-

    Good evening! Wondering what type of water temperature you guys are seeing on a hot summer day, cruising between 65 and 72 mph? Mine seems to hit 220F but stabilize and not go above; at 55-60 she runs 180-190F Assuming this is ok, wanted to be sure; 1979 FJ40, 33’s w/ Stock 2F with Weber...
  14. NCFarmboy

    Fj55 pricing (NC)

    Congratulations on the purchase. I look forward to seeing it around town. I work in Charlotte, but live in Clover South Carolina.
  15. NCFarmboy

    For Sale 1974 FJ45 LPB

    I remember seeing videos somewhere of Chip teaching Joanna how to drive this truck; cool rig, not worth $35k IMHO without a running motor. Best of luck to the seller
  16. NCFarmboy

    Front Clip Bolts?

    As I was working on the Cruiser yesterday, I noticed that one of my front clip bolts was missing. See attached picture. Made me wonder if I even had the correct bolts in there from the get-go. Is the torx bolt the correct factory bolt? If so, I’ll work on tracking down a second bolt. Thanks!
  17. NCFarmboy

    Gear reduction starter

    Timely post….I’m looking for a new starter for my ‘79 with 2F. Assuming that the 28100-60070-84 part number is the correct one? Local Toy dealer the best place to start? Thanks!
  18. NCFarmboy

    Stealth Rostra Cruise Control Install

    Wow, awesome work. Would you be able to make this work without the sniper setup, say with a Weber carb?
  19. NCFarmboy

    Best Place to Purchase a Sniper EFI and AC?

    Good evening, Mud! What vendors would you suggest purchasing a complete Holly Sniper EFI kit and a Vintage Air kit from? I was looking at Mosley Motors for the Sniper kit? I’d sent Cruiser Crap an email about their Vintage Air kit since they listed the kit the cheapest ($1,400?) but haven’t...
  20. NCFarmboy

    Builds Lake Norman's '79 FJ40 Rebuild

    Beautiful Cruiser; I’m in charlotte; hate to see it gone but you did well in the auction
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