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  1. vkasm1

    For Sale 325/80-16 Ca SFV

    New price $250
  2. vkasm1

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    That relay seems to control the lamp. I would think if your alternator does fail while driving you won't get a lamp illuminat on cluster. I would check the 2 fuses ignition and charge and possibly another relay to see if you get the lamp on.
  3. vkasm1

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    Had a similar problem with my 94. Bad connection at efi relay or efi fuse. Two things I would check at the engine fuse box that holds the relay. Make sure the spade connectors are tight. The female connector that the relay connects to. In the same fuse Box there should be a fuse that feeds the...
  4. vkasm1

    For Sale 325/80-16 Ca SFV

    Have 4 wild peak 325 80 16 tires on fzj80 rims for sale. About 4 years old and 15k miles. Have plenty of thread left. The are missing chunks and have cuts but hold air. All tires have about 8 mm of thread. $500
  5. vkasm1

    Wanted 1994 land cruiser right exterior mirror

    Looking for a white right side mirror assembly.
  6. vkasm1

    Wanted Control arm drop brackets

    Pm sent
  7. vkasm1

    Wanted Control arm drop brackets

    Thanks but my option is control arm drop brackets. I already have corrected my caster but my front diff is already to close to my tie rod drag link
  8. vkasm1

    Wanted Control arm drop brackets

    Looking for some control arm drop brackets for fzj80 to correct caster.
  9. vkasm1

    Wanted 1994 front wheel hub

    looking for the front wheel bearing hub in good condition for an fzj80
  10. vkasm1

    Real time help front brake caliper bolt size???

    Just got back from a trail. Lost the front driver had to remove one from the transmission to engine to get home. I little longer just added some washers
  11. vkasm1

    Starts.. Revs Smooth to 1200.. Dies

    My guess would be mass airflow/ vacuume leak.
  12. vkasm1

    For Sale OME rear 863 springs

    What would shipping be to 91342 ?
  13. vkasm1

    For Sale sold

    I would be interested in the rest if parted.
  14. vkasm1

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 SOLD

    Pm sent
  15. vkasm1

    stock front bumper trimmed w/pics?

    Some triming from mine.
  16. vkasm1

    Wanted fzj80 grey cargo carpet

    Looking for a rear grey cargo carpet in good condition. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Thanks Vic
  17. vkasm1

    Wanted FZJ80 Front Spindle

    Got one thanks
  18. vkasm1

    Wanted FZJ80 Front Spindle

    Looking for a front spindle for a 1991-1997 toyota land cruiser. I need one ASAP. thanks Vic
  19. vkasm1

    Miller jeep trail

    I think its doable but a locker is highly recomended. I would not run it alone and make sure to have a spare tire. I think from begining to end (to the top of Alamo mountain ) its about a 2 1/2 hour trail. The dificult parts are the entrance, middle and the end up towards Alamo mountain.
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