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  1. Kboyd

    Road Top 8.8" CarPlay Screen

    Well I attempted to add this unit to my wife’s 200 series and she hates it! I followed all the instructions and had my iphone setup working perfectly. When I added her iphone to the unit it seemed to work fine but now audio is going through the Road Top unit and not her truck. Does anyone else...
  2. Kboyd

    Visiting Austin - Need shop recommendation

    Hey Austin folks, I’m visiting from out of town and had the automatic transmission temp light come on in my FJ62 briefly on the drive down i35. I was cruising pretty good at 80mph for a long while. I’ve owned it 15+ years and it has been well maintained with no transmission issues. I checked...
  3. Kboyd

    FJ60/62 Hood Strut Kits ready to ship

    Please PM info…thanks! KB
  4. Kboyd

    ARB Summit Bar install questions

    I got a great deal on the Arb 3415250 bull bar for sale locally and getting ready to install on 2019 LC. There are a few threads with excellent info on install but I still have a few questions: 1) Trimming bumper - lots of great info on placement of template for cutting stock bumper. My...
  5. Kboyd

    Wanted WTB FJ62 16” wheels

    Need to buy new tires and checking if anyone has any 16” wheels for sale. Thinking about moving from 15” to16. Prefer to run without spacers. Thanks! KB
  6. Kboyd

    Wheel /Tire advice

    Sorry the 16 was a typo….40 has 15” wheels as well. Appreciate the input!
  7. Kboyd

    Wheel /Tire advice

    I’ve got an interesting scenario and could use some input. I’ve had my FJ62 daily driver for 10+ years and the previous owner installed FJ40 wheels. I’ve been running BFG all terrain 31x10.5x15 tired. He gave me the OEM chrome FJ62 wheels if I ever wanted to switch back. They aren’t perfect but...
  8. Kboyd

    WTB - BFG 33x10.50x15 in DFW

    Anyone have an extra BFG 33x10.50x15 for sale? Driving the FJ62 and it just shredded on me. Not a ton of miles on them but way past any type of warranty. Unfortunately my spare is shot and I’m just trying to find something that I can get me by while I figure out my next wheel/tire combo...
  9. Kboyd

    2019 Phone Mounting Options

    I finally convinced my wife she needed a LC to add to the FL62 and FJ40. Needless to say she loves the truck and hates the phone interaction. I’m researching options on all the treads for adding CarPlay (overwhelming to say the least). What I need now is short term phone mounting option while I...
  10. Kboyd

    Soft Top -> Hard Top

    Thank you! I hadn’t seen that diagram.
  11. Kboyd

    Soft Top -> Hard Top

    Hey Mud, I’ve been running a soft top for a couple of years on my 1978 FJ40 and want to put the hard top back on. Does anyone have a list of seals that I should replace? Looking around CityRacer site there are definitely seals available that weren’t on the truck when I took the top off...
  12. Kboyd

    Do I sell or keep these parts??

    Thanks all! I think I’ll hold onto everything for now. Kevin
  13. Kboyd

    Do I sell or keep these parts??

    This post is not trying to sell anything without posting a price but is soliciting input on whether or not to sell a few items. Every time I put up Christmas decorations I question these items I’ve got stored. I’ve been keeping the items below in case I get the time/$$ for a full restoration for...
  14. Kboyd

    78 FJ40 - Loud exhaust pop now stranded

    I was driving my 78 FJ40 going about 40 mph down the road earlier today. There was a loud pop from the exhaust and the engine shut completely down. Nothing is leaking and didn’t feel anything when it happened. Water temp and oil pressure were fine while driving. Half a tank of gas so that isn’t...
  15. Kboyd

    FJ40 hardtop storage

    I’ve searched and found a few threads where folks built a DIY hardtop lift with parts from Harbor Freight/Home Depot. Has anyone had any luck using a kit already put together for a jeep (can’t believe I typed that 😀). Seems to be plenty of options out there just don’t know if any are right size...
  16. Kboyd

    Heater blower motor and housing

    Thanks for the responses. See pics of heater and blower motor below. As you can see someone cut the motor housing and riveted a different motor. It isn’t hooked up and thought I’d try to get it back to stock before trying to get the wiring figured out. Just want to make sure I buy the right...
  17. Kboyd

    Heater blower motor and housing

    I have a 1978 SA FJ 40 and need to replace heater blower and housing. I’ve located a few used but the seller doesn’t know the year. I’ve seen them listed for sale pre 1973 and post 1973. Anyone know what I should look for so I don’t accidentally buy a pre-73 unit? Are they interchangeable...
  18. Kboyd

    For Sale 100 series headlamp $100

    That works! I’ll PM you.
  19. Kboyd

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Used the day off work to replace the rear seatbelts and completed the annual buff/polish.
  20. Kboyd

    For Sale 100 series headlamp $100

    This passenger 100 series head lamp is still for sale. Open to offers...hoping I can clear out garage and someone can get a great deal on OEM part. KB
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