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    More fuel range for the late 100... Or sell it and start over?

    This worried me greatly too when I took a cross country trip 2 years ago. I’m not complaining about the MPG as it is what it is, but the range sucked and my worry would always be running out of gas in the Midwest when towns are so far from each other. I find that fear to be irrational since...
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    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    Manifold is good, I haven’t heard any ticking. Engine sounds like it has 40K miles on it not 400K. Just marvelous engineering
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    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    Not a 100 series but my brother’s 4.7 4runner . Purrs like new too and valve cover gaskets starting to leak, consume maybe 1qt of oil between 5K mile oil changes
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    No start after electric spark

    Check the fuse box under driver's left knee area, if you blow that 10A IGN fuse that won't start the truck.
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    Reversed battery terminals -No ECU , no accelerator

    There's a fuse under the positive battery terminal boxy thing and a 10a fuse under driver's knee area, just replace them and should be good.
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    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    It's like lurching when i brake, didn't feel the shake in the steering wheel but truck would lurch, or sometimes when i let go of brake the truck doesn't move unless you give it a little gas.
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    Massachusetts Land Cruisers Rust

    My truck lived its entire life in PA and MD, but previous owner would wash the under carriage after it snows or something because there's not much rust. This is clean for a NE truck, if you can find something like this then go for it.
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    Massachusetts Land Cruisers Rust

    I'm a salt dweller, and that looks like shiet
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    Massachusetts Land Cruisers Rust

    3 years can do serious damage if the truck was used in the snow a lot and the owner didn't get the undercarriage washed after. Problem with our trucks is, the frame is boxed, there are holes in it that lets the salt/chemical get inside and it just sits there, rotting it from the inside out...
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    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Almost 250K miles, calipers are starting to stick, i see uneven brake wear on left vs right side. Might as well take this opportunity to replace the calipers, these are just Nappa rebuilt ones but i've used them in the past on a lot of 4 piston toyotas without issues so i think they should do...
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    Upgraded iFORCE Motor?

    Snake oil?
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    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    It's time to replace my front pads and rotors, i think one of my caliper is seized as well, uneven wear on one side. Taking this opportunity to go a head and replace the calipers as well, is there a difference between the years? Or are they all the same. Thanks.
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    Post your high-mileage 100-series!!!

    Only rust and neglect can kill these trucks, we drive something special boys, hang on to your cruisers.
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    Ahc shock replacement procedure

    Just undo the 2x 12mm bolt holding the line to the shaft and remove like you would with regular shocks. Remember to release the pressure in the lines first, at this point might as well flush out the fluid too. I replaced my front shocks recently and the new bushing is a pain to install since...
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    LX470 Globes passed the pencil test, but my ride is aweful

    Rear being slammed leads me to believe the rear height sensor might be faulty, they can be had for cheap on here, look for people selling them. Worth a shot.
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    SOLD Idaho: LX470 2006 130k Grey Perfect Condition

    Seems like a great deal, good luck!
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    Just wanted to chime in and say the bracket made it absolutely easy to retrofit. Easy to aim and they are dead even afterwards. I did not use any sealant when I resealed them headlights, I just heated up whatever was used in the stock housing and pressed them lens and housing together and...
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    UZJ100 Frame Rust Grade

    I’ve seen worse, just mitigate it with fluid film and enjoy it, I don’t see any hole in the frame itself
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    In the Shenandoah valley, not quite peak foliage yet, still a lot of green patches in trees.
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