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    Reynolds Wrap/Eagle Rock 10/16

    Looks like you guys had fun. I know cooper and I had a good time.
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    Grand Junction Memorial Weekend

    Looks like you guys had fun.
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    For Sale / Wanted Thread

    Yeah, I is great offroad but has constant issues as a daily driver. I have been tuning it but when the other engine goes in I will have to do it again. I am just tired of buying crap for it.
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    Clutch Slave Master Question

    You may need to bleed and adjust the clutch. Did you pull your lower cover and have someone push the clutch while you watched? With or without the spring. That way you can get a better idea whats going on.
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    Transfer wont shift to 4-Lo

    It is faster to drop it and rebuild it on a bench. Makes it easy to work on and test when done. Plus when it is out that's a good time to change the seal between the trans and transfercase.
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    For Sale / Wanted Thread

    Carb I am looking for a stock carb for a 84 fj60. Anyone has one for sell send me a pm. Wayne
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    For Sale Section.

    Need a carb As the title says I need a carb for my 84 fj60. Just looking for a stock one. I need my weber to go away. Just shoot me a pm. Thanks Wayne
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    Oct. Book Cliff Cruisers Run

    I would like to go. I need to see if I can swap week ends with someone.
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    July Run / Meeting

    I will try to make it. I think this my fall on my weekend to work again.
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    Throttle body injection?

    My aisin carb worked great for a long time. I started having internal issues and would go between lean and rich going down the road. I rebuilt it, worked ok for a while then the issue came back. I sent it out and had it rebuilt. Same issue came back. I looked around for a carb but could not...
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    Throttle body injection?

    I am sure that they do work well, but I think that putting in a 3FE head or engine seems like a better choice. Being where I live getting replacement parts is not always easy or fast. We have a good toyota shop in town that make it easy to replace parts. I guess that I have some reservations...
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    For Sale Section.

    Hey all. I am selling a gas powered miller bobcat 225. It is a welder/generator works great I do not have the leads for the stick side It will take a spool gun or tig leads also. It has four 110v plugs and one 220v plug. I use it all of the time at home to run stuff. I am asking $500.00 or best...
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    Throttle body injection?

    I have been looking around and talked with some people. I have decided that I am not going fuel injection, most of the people I have talked with say it does not work well during the winter and the ecu has lots of programing issues. Also it is just a gm throttle body fitted to a cruiser. I don't...
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    Throttle body injection?

    I was wondering how many of you have put throttle body injection on your 2F? I have a weber and have been thinking about changing it out. I don't know anyone who has had it for a while to find out the long term result of it. I know there are threads about this but no real reviews. Any input...
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    dog barrier

    Hey all. Sorry it took me so long to post this up I was out of town getting a engine for my 60. Anyway here is the number on the tag. STC-8161-BP Thats the only number or the thing. It came out of a 94 range rover. Let me know if you need any help finding one. I know some rover guys that can...
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    1st annual Book Cliff Cruisers BBQ and trail run

    I won't be able to make this trip. I have to work. Sorry I missed the meeting Tuesday, work was busy. Hope you all have a good trip.
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    Holy Cross June 26th

    I would meet you there but I will be in the springs that weekend. We have to go to a wedding saturday.
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    TLC Alternator parts in GJ

    You could call GJ starter and alt down on 28 1/2 road. I talked to them last week about mine and they should be able to get the parts you need. I think the mud and sand was a little much for mine as well I threw a belt last week and found that my bearings are making noise. So I need run down to...
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    Anybody want to do anything tomorrow Sat 6/6?

    I would be in if I was'nt a few hours away.
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    Say Hello and Intrduce yourself.

    Hi I am Benjamin Wayne Buskirk. I moved back from Colorado springs to Junction about eight months ago. We have a 19mo old who keeps us going. I grew up here in the valley and am happy to be back. I was the TLCA delegate of Colorado Land Cruisers. I drive an 84 fj60.
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