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  1. Flynn

    Parting Out Various diesel 60 and 70 parts

    Is that a front skid plate for a 70? If so, what are you asking for it?
  2. Flynn

    For Sale Toyota 13BT Injector Pump

    That seems like a great price, I paid about that much to have mine rebuilt and it doesn't look as nice. GLWS!
  3. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    What do you mean do not correlate, Matt? 28100-56181: 18181n is rare electrics PN for a replacement starter that Onur was selling this spring. I was cautioning against getting that one because it will not fit an 89 13BT. The other link is an aftermarket starter that lists the Toyota PN above...
  4. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    Yep, sounds like your solenoid plunger got stuck and might have spot welded the contacts together a little. Same thing happened to mine a few years ago! It’s unnerving to say the least. Good argument for a battery kill switch with how these starter solenoids seem to fail in the closed position...
  5. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    My starter part number (89 bj74) is: 28100-56181 That is listed as an application in the link I posted above.
  6. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    I’d try to see if a local shop can rebuild yours. Most of the time it’s the contacts or plunger that go bad and the rest of the unit is ok. I’ve had trouble finding a source for the contacts to rebuild my Toyota one though. They are not hard to rebuild.
  7. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    From what I can tell the cross reference numbers all match up and are consistent with the 18181n not working and the one linked appears to work (based on part #s). It is from the same supplier for both models from what I can see. Probably wouldn’t hurt to send them an email before ordering though.
  8. Flynn

    Wanted BJ71 starter or rebuild kit

    Do not get this model (18181n) that Onur was advertising as compatible with a 1989 13BT this spring. I can tell you after a really frustrating experience and zero support that it does not work (full disclosure, I waited way too long -6 weeks- to install it but I would have thought I’d get some...
  9. Flynn

    New 13BT upper thermostat housing 16331-58030 interest?

    I'm happy to share my old 13BT thermostat housing if you need a model for the billet. It's got some thin walls so I wouldn't run it, but it works excellently for dimensions.
  10. Flynn

    New 13BT upper thermostat housing 16331-58030 interest?

    That's better than when I had the rudimentary cad file above quoted. FWIW - I put a Gturbo on mine and use a 3B thermostat housing with no coolant ports (based on advice from Gturbo). I don't know if the factory turbos need the coolant flow or not, but after 10,000 or so miles the grunter I...
  11. Flynn

    For Sale Colorado: 1987 BJ74

    I’m going to drive out in a few weeks for some pieces too big to ship. I’m happy to haul some parts for people along the route if you help a little with fuel and coordinate with 40justin on what he’s willing to sell individually. I’ll be driving from Salem, OR.
  12. Flynn

    Wanted 24V Regulator

    I've got a spare I can send you for $70 (edit sorry hit wrong key). It's the same as I had in this ad from a while ago:
  13. Flynn

    Registry Global 70-series Registry

    @MrThing I used a decal kit from these guys and it worked out really well (definitely recommend having a pro install it). I think this is the same body style as the 77 but don't take my word for it, I have a 74. When I first looked for a kit there was someone out of Australia selling them on...
  14. Flynn

    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Put some decals on, holy crap I didn't think I'd like them this much. Plus, they make it go faster right?
  15. Flynn

    SOLD New Aftermarket 3B/13B-T 24v Starter

    Pull one aside for me, my starter just started to go south and I’ve rebuilt the solenoid once already.
  16. Flynn

    New 13BT upper thermostat housing 16331-58030 interest?

    Little to none :bang: I moved from TX to OR this winter so everything got upended. My original t-stat housing is in my moving pod that still hasn't been delivered. I know I've got the base dimensions correct but I haven't been able to go back and verify my dimensions are correct for the top of...
  17. Flynn

    SOLD JDM Compass/Altimeter Unit - Mint Condition

    If that’s 24v I’ll take it!
  18. Flynn

    New 13BT upper thermostat housing 16331-58030 interest?

    I put a GTurbo unit on mine and they told me it was up to me if I used the water cooling or not. I'm not sure if the internals of their unit are in any way more heat tolerant than the original so I'm not sure how applicable that advice is to a stock CT26. If you don't need the water cooling...
  19. Flynn

    New 13BT upper thermostat housing 16331-58030 interest?

    That project got put on the back burner (utter chaos for me the last year or two and an engine rebuild to boot) but I hope to finish it this winter because mine is on its last legs. The limiting factor is printing materials. When I first started there weren’t any reasonably priced options that...
  20. Flynn

    13bt injector help

    Well if anyone else finds themselves in this situation the supplier to the shop I used tried to cross-reference the part to a Bosch injector (not sure why, wish they had just called me), of which there are several between 7mm and 9mm that fit the ND injector body that 13BT's use. I guess the...
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