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    slave cylinder clutch (6.5 chevy)

    Hmmh, they replaced only the slave? At my shop it's a no-no to change one or the other(master or slave)I always swap both at the same time and get the parts at GM. The assembly comes in one piece w/ fluid already in it and ready to go. Just snap in and your done. I got tired of come backs w/ the...
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    a/c warm/cool not cold intermitently?

    You might want to see if the clutch is engaged on the compressor when it blows warm. Had a Ford terrorize me w/ intermittent cooling problems and it turned out that under certain temps the clutch wouldn't engage on the compressor due to the air gap on the clutch hub. Took the clutch...
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    Brake on a mini cooper

    If the brake pads wear to the point that it cuts the brake pad sensor then those will need to be replaced w/ the pads. The sensors unplug up the wiring harness a short ways. I haven't done the Coopers but BMWs. So if they are the same then it's a no brainer.
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    Cross Caster issue - any solutions?

    Your rear thrust angle was .28 out. That's what left of your pull. Do you have a bent trailing arm in the rear or a bad bushing??
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    Max Youve Ever Towed...

    I hauled my toolbox from my old shop to the new one two weeks ago and the cruiser was on the bumpstops the whole way. I'm guessing I was in the 6,000lb range, and the toolbox was forward of the trailer axles but not to the front. Only went 12 miles and I really need to get my dually back together!
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    Dumb Electrical Question - Wiring

    I've been wiring 110 volts w/ white and black being the hot ones and green being neutral. Everything has been working fine.
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    Mercedes 300D parts house?

    I buy either the aftermarket parts from Mercedes or Pelican auto parts. Mercedes sellls the real deal parts or aftermarket which is reasonably cheaper and the quality is good. Pelican has been great w/ Porsche parts for me and have now started carrying Mercedes. I can't say I've bought Mercedes...
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    a/c warm/cool not cold intermitently?

    When it goes over 80 outside and the A/C starts getting warm that means your low on freon. Look for the sight glass on your drier while the A/C is on and see if theres bubbles. If you see them you're low.
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    Wanted Wanted: Supercharger for 97 fj80

    Better find one quick cause Cdan just posted a thread that Toyota is no longer carrying superchargers so they're going quick!
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    91 3fe P/s pump

    I just went outside and looked at mine. Take the either 14mm or17mm nut out of the center of the pulley and remove. Should come right out. Sometimes they can be a little stubborn and have to tap lightly w/ rubber hammer from behind to get em off.
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    Need help fast!

    Cool, then the 1FZ and the 3FE are the same....
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    Need help fast!

    I'm just going by memory....:grinpimp: :beer:
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    Need help fast!

    I checked the Autozone website and looked up the firing order and it said 123456 for your engine. Mine is the 3FE motor in a 91 so it's the 15 is too young,36 is too old, and 24 is just right firing order.:D
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    Need help fast!

    1 2 3 4 5 6 as I recall.
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    1997 Lx450 --- Crossed Jumper Cables

    Wow, They go that high on amperages! I think the parts stores may only go to 60 amps on bulk fusable links.
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    Help ---but take it easy

    It's in your User CP.
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    Noise after regear

    If it's the rear then they may have pulled the rear cover off to inspect. Keep us posted.....
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    1997 Lx450 --- Crossed Jumper Cables

    I had to make a poor man's fusable link one time for the RX-7 while the dealer ordered a new one. Mine was a 40amp link so I bought a 40amp fuse and crimped the connectors I needed to some wires. You can even buy the fusable link wire at the auto parts stores and replace the blown ones as well...
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    Wanted 91' FZJ80 Compressor needed and...

    My A/c compressor went out this weekend and wanted to see if any one had an extra to sell?? Lokking for the P/s pump as well. Mine has an ear broke off and would like to replace. This is a 3FE applicable to 91-92 models. Thanks....
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    Headlight restoration products?

    I use rubbing compound for automotive paint to polish em.
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