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  1. dmjay

    Custom gauges/display for Fj62

    Count me in.
  2. dmjay

    Custom gauges/display for Fj62

    Love it. Are you going to make a kit?
  3. dmjay

    Fj60 temp gauge

    How about your oil pressure gauge?
  4. dmjay

    Shore power wiring for inverter

    I'm going strictly by wire color - white hot, black ground, and green neutral. Are you making up your own wiring standard?
  5. dmjay

    Help, too much oil?!

    The only thing i can add to this is to check the part number on the dip stick. Could be the wrong one.
  6. dmjay

    Clogged oil cooler

    Good call pulling the head.
  7. dmjay

    Best way to tackle this rust spot on the wheel well near seat mount?

    I think you are lucky to have found that in time to deal with it.
  8. dmjay

    2H loping idle?

    Will it return to normal if give it a quick rev up?
  9. dmjay

    Exhaust debate - Borla v Magnaflow

    Peppermint V Spearmint chewing gum. Go.
  10. dmjay

    Wilbur - build of the snorting HJ61

    Nice rig mate.
  11. dmjay

    Builds HDJ81 Build -

    Nice work. Nice truck.
  12. dmjay

    FJ60 Electrical Help

    Do you have these Matt?
  13. dmjay

    Visiting Australia and tasmania

    Keep quiet about ELS ok.
  14. dmjay

    2h alfin piston vendor

    Try Engines Australia.
  15. dmjay

    12ht engine with 2h radiator?

    Pretty sure they are the same mate. Only difference is between A/T and M/T.
  16. dmjay

    How to dispose of a full tank of gas

    The aussie way.
  17. dmjay


    Wow man, “ some abrasion damge “ , that is a full rebuild mate.
  18. dmjay

    Is this temperature safe, or should I stop driving?

    The half way mark on mine is 93 deg.
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