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    charging dual battery hdj80

    OK, there should be no problems then. Will try to find the cause.
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    charging dual battery hdj80

    Hi guys, I have the dual battery setup and i'm aware that it's not a good idea to take power from just one of the batteries. Even if it's just for a dashoard clock. Now, after loosing 2 yellow tops again in 5 years it got me wondering; i don't use the car that often and leave it on a trickle...
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    Will the 80 be a classic?

    When I park my HDJ80 in Rotterdam (I don't live there) people make selfies in front of it. Nuff said.
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    1HDT HDJ81 Misfire

    Reading your story again; you live at quite an altitude. Diesels don't like that; not enough oxygen. There is a very special thingy in the fuel pump (can't really recall what exactly) that modifies the pump to the level of oxygen. Maybe that's broken. Try to search that in google.
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    1HDT HDJ81 Misfire

    I have a 1HDT as well and the injectors served; lousy job, still same problem. Went to expert who said was an expert and he said the specs aren't right; an acceptance of 5 percent is OK. So if you have injectors that vary between 95% and 105% you get problems. So had them rebuild again; same...
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    Hood/Bonnet emblem

    The bolt and plastic thingie can be flexed off. Remains one hole. Less chance of installing crooked. My plastic thingie broke off first time test install.
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    1hdt information

    Leave the turbo alone; she won like it and it's no use without an intercooler. So first; install intercooler, fiddle around with the injectorpump (search for yourself) and install an egt meter. I left the engine completely stock; if I want to go fast, I take the motorbike.
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    Hood/Bonnet emblem

    Forget about drilling holes; I did that and you need 3 holes. One for a little bolt, one for a fixing thing and one for a spring which is on the underside. Mine is crooked. by the way. Just make the underside of the ornament flush and stick it on with sikaflex.
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    Strange charging

    OK, thanks. Will do just that.
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    Strange charging

    Batteries were still in car and connected. Didn't wait for 8 hours. So I need to test further? Or just start using the bloody thing, because she's been sitting in the barn for ages. Yellow tops are new anyway.
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    Strange charging

    HDJ80 with 2 batteries (yellow top). Batteries were pretty empty, around 11 volts, started anyhow. Went for a 400 kms drive; figured alternator would top batteries up. However, volts didn't come above 12,5 with incidental 11,9, charging light went out, batteries didn't drain empty. That was new...
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    How much can my 1991 HDJ81 pull?

    According to Mr. Toyota the max is about 6 metric tons! But according to law and common sense 3,5 tons is doable.
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    BEB paranoia...

    Mine were done about 100.000 kms ago; do I need to do it again? And from now on every 100.000 kms?
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    driving lights in indicators

    I searched for a couple of hours and just can't find it; I know there is someone out there who replaced his indicators into the small lights next to the headlamps and made a led bar into the space for the original indicator in the front. Needed some dremel work, but looked nice. Can someone...
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    Anyone? Hdt 37" tires in a manual?

    ToyRoverlander; I send you a PM
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    Anyone? Hdt 37" tires in a manual?

    37x12,5x17 BFG's mud. Needed a Slee 4 inch upgrade, though. No complains about handling and wheeling is kinda booring; almost no obstacle is impossible unless you go for the absolute maximum and I don't do that. Mudpooles no more than 1 meter deep and rockclimbing no bigger boulders than 40 cm...
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    Big Fuel Tank

    Spare tire is on the rear. I made a stainless steel tank in the place where the spare tire was; about 100 l extra capacity. I rerouted the fillerneck into the spare tank, which overflows on top into the original fillerneck of the original tank. (takes a while to fill up 180 l:)). the bottom...
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    The official 1HDT Intercooler thread

    Is that all you have to do for the extra horsepower? Or do you have to tweek the dieselpump as well? And how do you do that?
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    Making a fiberglass snorkel.

    Sorry for the downer, but I think you just copied this: SNORKEL - rocasilva A Spannish company that makes the same design snorkels; 715 euro for our 80, though.
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    1hd-t powered hdj80 overheating

    Son, you're killing that engine! Those 1HDT's are too old for such speeds. I guess every car whith that age gets cooling problems. You are shortening the lifespan of the engine that way. Buy a new/fresher one! Or modify the car for those speeds; no lights in front of the radiator, no stuff...
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