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  1. BwardeAZ

    FS or trade 4 FJ60 stock rims

    If you want to sell these out right let me know 8zer8 six one 39 Brian I don't have a 225/75/15 but, maybe I can find one.
  2. BwardeAZ

    Mombasa Rain Fly (project)

    Interested and first inline. You don't need it. Price shipped to Tucson AZ 85713?
  3. BwardeAZ

    For sale-Camping/Expedition gear

    PM sent
  4. BwardeAZ

    Battery suggestions

    Sears Diehard Platinum I'm with the Sears group The Sears Platinum battery is made by Odyssey and sells for $190ish PC1500 T - Odyssey batteries Great batteries I used optima for many...
  5. BwardeAZ

    Crawl Ratios

    I put a Non-US H41 in my 83/FJ60 and I've been very pleased with it. info: Marlin > Dual Case > Determine your Crawl Ratio
  6. BwardeAZ

    For Sale Rebuilt FJ60 / FJ40 Aisin Carb

    Who did the rebuild? shipping to 85713
  7. BwardeAZ

    looks like a cross of Lincoln and Tacoma

    I believe it's the same company that was going to import this. It died a slow death trying to meet EPA standards. I x2 the reliability issue I found tons of them on the crosslander..CRD at a cheap price is interesting tho..
  8. BwardeAZ

    Happy Birthday Baggins!

    Happy B day!
  9. BwardeAZ

    FJ60 Wiper control relay

    shipping to 85713?
  10. BwardeAZ

    For Sale 84 FJ60 brown door panel set w/extras $50

    2nd in line if still up for sale PM sent
  11. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    Well I'm out. We had some burglaries in the neighborhood. Just can't leave the house empty or the wife and kids alone. Last night the getto bird was out all over us, and the dogs were going nutz. So unless I hear they've been caught I'll have to look for the spring trip. Sucks!!
  12. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    Just a bump e d bump. with some info I found while relaxing and researching. Quoted from a jeeper age 64 from Scottsdale, AZ It has been said that "any road that is difficult enough for carpets needed to aid in traction must be bad". If you chose to drive this 70 mile through "Rug Road"...
  13. BwardeAZ

    Super built FJC traded in...

    Were and when might I find this at auction?
  14. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    OK that is some funny stuff really... uber mineral stud talk. Nothing fancier than a guy knowing his rocks! Can't wait to share in this kind of excitement.
  15. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    Thanks, and thanks for the tent to. It's treasure park on Mt. Graham. Alvin, I might take you up on the tent. I do have one I'm just not sure if everything is still together. I'm just so spoiled with the RTT and trailer.
  16. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    I was thinking this one, but sounds like it's out. I just don't want to put it up on the truck.
  17. BwardeAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    My kinda trip, I'm in. Is this road trailer material? Looked like it in the picks. Rug road 102 is now in my personal zen photo box.
  18. BwardeAZ

    Dumb computer help needed..

    I work with just about every OS for residential and business clients and I've cursed at them all. Getting in to a Mac / PC discussion never ends. I started on a Apple II / Mac and use a PC mostly today. I currently use a mac, hack, PC, UNIX, Linux box and they all have there own personal...
  19. BwardeAZ

    Dumb computer help needed..

    left click start menu, left click control panel, left click user account, From this you can create a new account setup as admin. Then follow the same steps and delete his old account. Or u can do it from the user accounts without closing it all out. linky to microsoft. for setup and...
  20. BwardeAZ

    Brand New Spector FJ60 Brown carpet kit

    2nd in line interested
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