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    need a hand installing a rear bumper in bozeman.

    Starting to sound like a meet and greet this summer in Bozeman area this summer.
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    need a hand installing a rear bumper in bozeman.

    Do not go buy a new sawzall for the project, I know in Butte anyway that the pawn shops have them on the shelf for a reasonable price. Never looked at pawn shops in Belgrade or Bozeman but would think there would be someone there with tools at decent price points. I am not going to be up in...
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    Tundra Towing/ Hauling ?

    I am also running Firestone's, would recommend as well.
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    Tire recommendations for MT

    We have a summer place outside of Anaconda its 8 miles off of the pavement. I was always a believer in running MT's between Arizona and Montana. Wore out the BFG's, Toyo's and Hankook's which are popular in the Butte area. A friend convinced me to give the Toyo AT II a try in the "C" load...
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    Salome /Harcuvar/Harquahala mountains.

    Many years ago I would explore a bunch of that country and Saddle Mountain area comes to mind. There is or was a trail around the Mountain, we found quite a bit of petroglyphs and also there were open mines in the area. This is SW of 411th ave and Salome Hwy. We also explored into the Belmont...
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    Any electronic genius out there? I'd like some help

    Or use a diode
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    Just a thought, I get some great deals out of estate and or yard sales. Folks don't know what they have or how to season them properly. My round skillet I picked up for 3 bucks. Made it worth getting.
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    Thanks had not given any thought that it could be a cornbread pan. The Cast Iron collection keeps growing
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    I found those grates over on Amazon and built around them. They heat up great and leave super grill marks on the burgers and steaks. Easy to clean as well. BBQ factory 67233 Porcelain Cast Iron Cooking Grid Grate Replacement for Select Brinkmann, Grill King Gas Grill Models, Set of 3...
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    This is the other in my tool box of cast iron. It is a Wagner 10" made in the usa
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    I noticed that the other lodge skillet has rivets or hardware to hold the handles on, that seems to be a poor choice in my opinion. These are all created together.
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    These are what I use when the crowds show up at our place in Montana, I built a adjustable grate that sits up on top of the fire ring.
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    Battery cables

    This is the crimper I use it has the different colored dies to match the lugs.
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    Battery cables

    I would go visit the local welding shop and purchase several feet of cable, purchase the lugs and military spec battery ends then crimp and solder shrink wrap. Keep in mind there is a difference in lugs, some are all copper and somewhat thin, the others are plated and thicker.
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    Cast iron Cookwear help

    We use the Chicken Fryer Pan, (it is pretty deep) Then a griddle. Then its multiple choice on skillets we use 8" to 14" depending on the crowd. The lids are what makes a difference. We use the lids that charcoal can be placed on top not the smooth ones.Next would be the feet on the dutch ovens...
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    Wiring tools

    As you have already posted you have wire strippers, but keep in mind there are different strippers depending on if you are using solid or stranded wire. Generally all automotive is stranded. As for shrink tubing don't go buy the cheapest crap you can find, get some that shrinks 2 or 3 to 1 and a...
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    Freezing Food Questions

    We also use and suggest the foodsaver gamesaver deluxe. It has been good to us.
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    Air conditioning working intermittently

    Sounds like a possible bad compressor, Our Avalon would do great on the road but get slowed down in town with traffic and it would quit and the ac light blinked. Then shortly it would return. Tried the freon route but it was not to be. So hopefully you just have a bad "O" ring on the condensor
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    Builds 40 Series Chassis, 80 Series Suspension - Kept it Simply

    Dang that looks sweet, needs to be in a museum.. Great Job!
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    RE-Powering a FJ55 Help!

    Great Idea That Diesel will provide some low end grunt power and hopefully won't take out the axles.
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