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  1. diego355

    ABS VSC TRAC saga continues...thoughts?

    I would test the CDL sensor first, then the speed sensors (the ones throwing the codes). If all test good I would look into the brake booster, it might be early signs of failure. The brake ECU is very rare to fail but also quite cheap (used) to replaced if you wish to rule that out. Is the...
  2. diego355

    Intermittent ABS light

    I had a similar issue year ago. My left front sensor was intermittently throwing a code. I tried to replace the sensor and broke it trying to remove it, took the wheel off to do a full repack, replace seals and surprise. The seal behind the knuckle let mud in and the surface where the sensor...
  3. diego355

    Brush Guard 2006 Land Cruiser

    Probably nobody can give you a recommendation on a product like this and I say this because a) Brush guards don't work for other than aesthetics or mounting a set of lights b) Everyone who has used one in some sort of accident or scuff has had more damage than necessary The problem of these...
  4. diego355

    100 Series Spare Parts to Carry

    What I carry: - Immobilizer / EFI fuse relay fix - 2 Ebay ignition rods - 1 outer tierod - Serp belt - Idler pulley - 1 Coil pack - Tools, including 54mm socket and snap ring plyers - Coolant - 1 heater T (mine are new but you never know.. ) - Random fuses & Toyota bolts (pulled a bunch from...
  5. diego355

    Failing Fuel Pump Symptoms? Edit: Now With Data

    I got the same random stalls when I put the truck in reverse about summers ago. Driving fine 100-130 km/h then slammed on the brakes, pulled to the side, died when it engaged reverse... then another day same thing, high speed + semi hard braking then reverse and died. It hasn't happened again...
  6. diego355

    Throttle enhancer

    It will not work on any throttle by wire vehicles. A couple of friends have them in their Nissan Xterra. It's actually fun to use specially driving on different types of terrain. Slow response while crawling and high sensitivity on the sand.
  7. diego355

    Blowing Fuse and "Extra wires"

    Strart by tracing those wires from the kickpanel fuse box and disconnect any unnecessary wires. I would inspect the drivers door wiring loom that goes into the body, big chance there is a broken wire or a short there. I had the same no windows no locks, no power seats and 40 amp fuse blowing...
  8. diego355

    Uncontrolled Horn blowing SOLVED!

    Water its leaking from the windshield drivers side molding to the left kick panel fusebox. If you remove the a pillar trim you will be able to see evidence of water there. Pull the windshield out, replace the molding, add more urethane, probably fix some of the rust and its all good.
  9. diego355

    1999 Land Cruiser Electrical Issues, first post!!

  10. diego355

    Front Differential/CV Failure Dilemma.

    I can be 99.9% sure that one of the CV's wasn't all the way in seated properly and that's how fluid leaked
  11. diego355

    Coastal Offroad Bumpers?

    I have the rear with dual swing out To be honest the only thing that I dislike is the lack of a locking pin for the swing out. A bit of a pain to gold it while on an incline but it's an easy fix to add a gas strut. Departure angle is fantastic, quality is great, it doesn't squeak or rattle, it...
  12. diego355

    Sudden Increase in MPG after being taken to glass shop for repair?? (Did they abuse it?)

    The new evap cannister will increase your fuel economy for sure. A friend with a V8 4Runner went from 19L/100km back to 14L/100KM just by replacing the damaged/full of fuel cannister. Good $1000 after I kept telling him not to overfill his gas tank. Back to your topic. The shop most likely left...
  13. diego355

    Educate me on airbag modules

    1- No, seatbelt pretensioners will work regardless of the airbag module. 2- Scan the truck and see the codes that are up. Some airbag modules can be cleared, some will have to be replaced. 3- No, the front airbags will not deploy I have seen hundreds of situations regarding airbags as I use...
  14. diego355

    HELP! LX470 cuts off while driving

    EFI fuse contacts, fuel pump failing? If the gap is too big it could make sense why it randomly cuts out while driving.
  15. diego355

    Rate my rust

    What rust dude? Come to Calgary and check out a 1 year old vehicle. It will have more rust
  16. diego355

    Coolant leak help.

    Take it to a shop and perform a coolant pressure test if you cant find any crust around hoses. A friend had a small leak in front of the rad and behind the condenser that we couldn't see at plain sight.
  17. diego355

    Blown side airbags… what would your next steps be?

    Im not sure what was the cause of the airbags to deploy but as soon as they get replaced you will have to scan the vehicle and check for codes. On a front end collision for example, the front airbag sensor would have to be replaced. Lets say the vehicle slid and hit a curb sideways, the side...
  18. diego355

    DIY Cat Skid Plate

    Go for it. I made my own transfer case skid plate using the existing threaded hones on the crossmembers. Bolts are easy to source. I drilled 2" holes for draining water and mud. I went into DIY route being that the CAD to USD $ conversion rate + shipping kills us up here in Canada
  19. diego355

    Blown side airbags… what would your next steps be?

    A few bolts and connectors. There's not much to it The most annoying parts is to partially drop the headliner
  20. diego355

    Blown side airbags… what would your next steps be?

    Partially drop the headliner, cut them, buy new ones, re-install and you are done. It also looks like your driver seatbelt pretensioner is toasted too. Replace that also Remember to disconnect the battery during the process.
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