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  1. Schluney

    WTF....Wobble at 40 MPH

    Mine did this when my 35’s were balanced poorly with Beads, had them rebalanced with weights and it’s gone
  2. Schluney

    Post up what you pedal

    Just received my 4x4 Labs kit with a bike rack! Now I won’t have to bypass all the hard lines due to my bike rack hanging 6ft off the bumper!
  3. Schluney

    Whats wrong with my e-brake ?

    yep that pivots. mine was seized and I had the same issue as the OP. I took it off cleaned it up and used a bunch of anti seize reassembling everything works great now!
  4. Schluney

    Wanted 97 LX front wheels speed sensor

    I believe we have a few fronts laying around, do you know if all years use the same part? We pulled them off my dads 94 and added the Wits End Plates with a grease Zero. also have another set from a 93-94 we bought for parts
  5. Schluney

    Review: Delta VS Panhard Lift Bracket

    I installed mine a few months ago and just finished up a 3K plus mile road/wheeling trip. The bracket dramatically improved My trucks drivability with zero downside. Very pleased with the product and Delta
  6. Schluney

    Should I sell my 95 FZJ80 for a 16 4Runner TRD Pro

    Like others have said it’s all about what you’re going to do with it... The 80 is going to be a better truck for most Offroad conditions, but the 4Runner is still a very capable truck and obviously far more comfortable on road
  7. Schluney

    Harbor Freight 'Braun' Work Light - WOW!

    I’ve had one of these for over a year and used it heavily, it’s by far out lasted all the name brand ones I’ve had in the past that cost twice as much, I even picked up a second!
  8. Schluney

    Newbie doing knuckles

    Depending on your mileage you might want a offset seal driver from @NLXTACY my truck is sitting at 300K and this tool has allowed me to keep my stock axles, I have a sizable groove where the seal used to sit
  9. Schluney

    Which is the “best” or most sought-after LC color?

    I’ve always liked Moonglow!
  10. Schluney

    Front Locker Issue

    Sounds like a good time to do gears!
  11. Schluney

    Front Locker Issue

  12. Schluney

    Front Locker Issue

    Both fronts will be throwing snow, then as I turn one stops. You can also feel in the steering wheel once you get the wheel around 90-110 degrees there’s less resistance as it disengages
  13. Schluney

    Front Locker Issue

    After not Using my lockers for a while, I got stuck in snow and had a issue I've never experienced before. The rear and the center lock just fine, but the front just flashes, it will still lock but as soon as you turn the wheels it unlocks. So it’s engaging but not fully locking up. Any help is...
  14. Schluney

    Bought a Unicorn.

    Great looking truck! congrats
  15. Schluney

    Battery Disconnect OCD will be my downfall

    add one more to the list...
  16. Schluney

    Air vents blowing snow

    Thanks for the responses, I’ll take a look under the cowl tonight!
  17. Schluney

    Air vents blowing snow

    I’m up on Lake Superior north of Duluth, are you from Minnesota?
  18. Schluney

    Air vents blowing snow

    I couldn't find anything on this, hopefully it is not a repost. My 80 has heat issues, this morning while the truck was warming up snow was actually blowing through the vents... Any ideas? the cowl was covered In snow
  19. Schluney

    SOLD 80 series factory height Old Man Emu springs

    If available I will take them. Can pick them up whenever.
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