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  1. wapitidon

    PMC 2022 Christmas Party- Saturday, December 3, 2022

    2 for the Gattons
  2. wapitidon

    Rubithon ???????? Cadillac Hill ?

    Looks great! I take it you might not be done. Nice fix 😁
  3. wapitidon

    Rubithon ???????? Cadillac Hill ?

    Oh my! You blew up chrome Molly axles? My weak link was the tiniest Allen screw on the whole vehicle and I left my glasses in the tow rig.
  4. wapitidon

    Rubithon ???????? Cadillac Hill ?

    That’s one pretty pig Mike
  5. wapitidon

    Looking for a 35” Spare Tire

    Hey Chris, are you still looking? I’ve got a couple I’m not using. One that was new spare until last June. New rim and tire. They are on matt black 10” rims 3.5” bs. Slight rim rash. I would be willing to part with a couple. I need to keep 2 for spares. Send me a mssg or text 7zero7, two4five...
  6. wapitidon

    Rubithon 2022

    Finally someone finds a frequency instead of just a name lol. Thanks John. That helps a bunch! would tha5 be chat one or two?
  7. wapitidon

    2021 PMC Christmas Party- Saturday, December 4, 2021

    It’s on our calendar now. Sheila and I will be there.
  8. wapitidon

    Rubithon 2021

    I’ve done Barker pass a few times . It’s a fun drive but trailer parking becomes a problem. I’m not sure of any parking lots near by unless you trailer up to the summit.
  9. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    And the old straight six was tuned up a bit too! What a beautiful piece of work Tim. Are you really going to hang on to this one? Let’s get it muddy next year😉
  10. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    Very little water in the lake... it appears that they are letting out what comes in. The flows down the eel and into the Russian were low and clear mostly. I guess you’ve heard the northern counties want to remove the dam?
  11. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    Sorry to hear about that breakage Dave. Did you break on that wall? Better there than the middle of the rubicon. Glad you were able to get her home. Was it busy at red mt? There were a lot of folks playing in the woods yesterday on Elk mt., as we drove home. Lots of mud and slush from the...
  12. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    Oh no Tim . I thought you had a top considering this trip. I was hoping you would break trail. Trail regulations have certainly tightened up since those early days some 25-45 years ago. what happened to all the 40s? Looks like we’re down to one😢
  13. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    I just called the trail hotline. All trails in northern mendo forest are closed because of the august complex fires. That just means the side trails (short cuts) are closed. We will find mud and snow for sure. Sheila and I are coming up in Old Blue and hope to be at the airstrip shortly after 8:30.
  14. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    This is perfect for kids. Perhaps some scratchy two track but mostly forest roads leading to snow too deep to drive. Weather decides if trails are open or we stay on forest roads. What are you driving? This is popular for wagons and tacos but there will be a couple 40s too. It can be a long day...
  15. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    I’m in for the 20th. There is plenty of mud and snow this year.
  16. wapitidon

    2021 Mud ‘N Snow run?

    I’m think I’m bringing my son’s FJ this year. Comfort and sport. Big question is the 13th or the 20th. I believe we went on the day after last year didn’t we? I know we’ve postponed when it fell on the 14th.
  17. wapitidon

    October 15, 2020 Meeting

    Looks like we wont be able to make it tonight Dave. Hope we can see ya all at the Christmas party.
  18. wapitidon

    Another one completed and out'a the shop

    Nicely done Tim!
  19. wapitidon

    40 Roll Cage Wanted

    Pull the trigger Jeff. I really like their full cage. Thinking of perhaps making that a winter project myself.
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