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  1. poose

    64 45

    Thank you!
  2. poose

    64 45

    Anyone know where I may be able to find these. Cannot find a wiring diagram. This is on a 64fj45
  3. poose

    Rubithon 2021

    Remember Bug spray springs are pretty bad with mosquitos.
  4. poose

    Dogs of MUD!

    Hank, Ali on the right Gater on the left
  5. poose

    95 80

    Was able to keep my arm and leg, only cost a couple fingers!
  6. poose

    95 80

    Bought a 95 80 today Front and rear lockers 250,000miles, drives good very gutless on steep hills. Needs new wheels bumpers have been used will be replacing anyway. Was going to build an 05 Sequoia but was talked out of it. What are the pros and cons of them. Is the engine anything like...
  7. poose

    05 Sequoia vs 97 Land Cruiser

    Gas mileage is better then the 80 rides much more comfy can tow a trailer almost as good as my Ram 2500 except stopping. I have over 250,000. Largest problem is the back hatch has broken inside 3 times. Hate the anti slip. May switch the axles out and eliminate that.
  8. poose

    05 Sequoia FJ80 axles

    Thanks! I have seen an 05 Ford Dana 60 and sterling rear on one. Would like to keep it yota I woukd be able to keep the 80 lockers Still run 37’s.
  9. poose

    05 Sequoia FJ80 axles

    I have a 05 Sequoia I am going to build into an off-road. My FJ40’s are not great for winter wheeling. Was debating on putting 05 F350 axles Dana 60 and a sterling rear or trying to keep Toyota and 80 axles. found an 95 FJ80 winter Tahoe vehicle sold there house will sell me the 80 for 1500...
  10. poose

    What kind of dog breed do you have?

    Ali-Gater and Hank
  11. poose

    64 45 SWB floor boards

    Little better pic
  12. poose

    64 45 SWB floor boards

    Anyone know where I can find 64 floor board replacements. The Only panels I can find are round ended the 64 floor panels are square.
  13. poose

    think i need to replace my engine

    I am removing a 2F to put in a V8 I have a 73 I replaced the 1F with an fj60 2F. My 78 fj40 has a v8 and gets better mileage on 1 ton axles and 42” tires then the 73 with 37” tires. I regret switching to a 2F should’ve just done the v8 swap to begin with
  14. poose

    64 45 finally doing work on it

    Paint/ Rust removal, blasted all the origional paint off with walnut but it would not remove rust had to sand blast it. May end up cutting out welding pieces back in like I am doing on the cab if I can’t clean themenough. I am going to do line-X on the bed and the inner floor boards. Have a...
  15. poose

    64 45 finally doing work on it

    Here are some mire progress pics
  16. poose

    64 45 finally doing work on it

    Had my 64 45 for a couple years finally beginning to do some work on it. Picked up a 67 40 tub for parts here n there. I am hoping the 40 corners will fit the 45 tub corners, looks like I will be making my own mounts and cross supports. There are just 3 rust holes in the bed hopefully don’t...
  17. poose

    SOLD North Ca, 80 series parts.Floor mats carpet door panels All must go.

    Do you have the engine
  18. poose

    Wanted 64 FJ45SWB window handle

    64 drivers window joint/handle and rubber, sorry crappy picture of the passenger side. Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  19. poose

    SWB Removeable top list

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