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  1. TexAZ

    A tale of two heater T's

    I used one of those and it has held. I did switch to heavy duty worm drive hose clamps, after another member said the Toyota ones leaked with the new style T. I also used a garden hose barbed T from home depot while I was waiting on the dorman parts to come in. It was a pain to get to work h...
  2. TexAZ

    SPC UCA's - Tire Rub

    here are the alignment specs I request when taking in my truck. since these are all wheel drive the castor affects steering more than a typical car/truck. all these specs are within the toyota specs, just points to how they work together. I pulled these off a lifted Tundra forum years ago and...
  3. TexAZ

    SPC UCA's - Tire Rub

    the passenger side is neutral/neutral. the drivers side has the front pushed in. probably moved the wheel forward half inch or so. no problems with axle bind. odd way to set it up. probably the easiest way for the alignment shop to dial it in without having to adjust the upper arm ball...
  4. TexAZ

    SPC UCA's - Tire Rub

    I ran front neutral, rear adjustment out for three years, with no issues. I was running BBS Tundra 20's with 50mm backspacing, cleared everything. One of my SPC arms broke. the pipe split and the arm broke. Mine were older, had over 200k on them, been through 3 ball joints and replaced the...
  5. TexAZ

    SPC UCA's - Tire Rub

    when I went to 35s I asked the alignment shop to push the wheels forward by dialing the lower control arms full inward in the front and full outbound in the rear. (with the Tundra upper/lower arms) this moved the wheel about an inch forward. cleared the rear mud flap and body mount easily...
  6. TexAZ

    SPC UCA's - Tire Rub

    Check the lower control arms. All the way out in the back and in on the front will move the wheel about an inch. Per SPC guidance, they NEVER ran beyond 3/4". I blew up three axles before learning that little nugget. I run front neutral and rear out to push the wheel about 5/8" forward. ( with...
  7. TexAZ

    DIY 4.3 Re-Gear

    The front diff will work. I put a 2010 sequoia diff in my 08. Easy swap. I'm at 260k miles, still running strong and smooth.
  8. TexAZ

    Events/Trails 2022 Holiday Party

    I"m in, +1 and 2 minions. will bring hot chocolate and flavored Vodka to share.
  9. TexAZ

    For those who have done the Tundra front axle conversion...

    I've been running the tundra conversion for 100k miles. Handling is improved, no downsides I've seen. It does make the tires stick out if you run lower offset wheels. follow the original thread for parts list and install tips.
  10. TexAZ

    Are heater T’s still an issue with 200’s?

    I swapped in a barbed brass T from Home depot to get home when the first T started leaking on the way home from work. it is working great. since the first one failed, i replaced the 2nd with a dorman T. honestly i feel better about the barbed fitting than the dorman. but i just got back from...
  11. TexAZ

    A tale of two heater T's

    i had both "T's" fail at 250K. nothing but toyota coolant until the first one failed on the way home from work. had to put generic in to get home. not enough left to photograph. round hose portions pretty much turned to mush. i do tow a boat several times a year, and live in AZ where the...
  12. TexAZ

    SOLD 2016+ Land Cruiser 18" Wheels (or similar aftermarket wheels) - AZ

    I have 5 20" Tundra BBS wheels i ran for a couple years. located in Chandler. 250 for all 5.
  13. TexAZ

    WTB low mileage 5.7 Toyota Engine

    are you looking for an engine for your 200? don't have a lead, just curious since i just turned 250K on mine.
  14. TexAZ

    RTT Picture Thread

    When our kids were younger we used disc-o-bed cut to the width of the RTT. We slept lengthwise and had them perpendicular above us. Tepui autanna 3, with annex and extension to make up for the height of the truck. I also had a ROAM 270 awning to give a ton of covered area.
  15. TexAZ

    DIY 4.3 Re-Gear

    That's exactly what I did. If you can find a 99 third member, there are some woth a factory locker. The electronic actuator wouldn't clear the cruiser sway bar, but it may clear the lexus, since you don't have KDSS.
  16. TexAZ

    200 series parts in a 2nd gen Sequoia

    the tundra/sequoia brakes are actually larger than the 200. the radiators in the 200 die at 150K miles. I'm actually running tundra suspension and brakes, with a 2010 sequoia front diff to change my gearing from 3.9 to 4.3. i replaced my radiator at 146K. sometimes i wish i had the...
  17. TexAZ

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Saw this on FB, thought there may be some interest as the party is in Tucson.
  18. TexAZ

    Heater Hose T Upgrade for my 200

    I was looking into an unrelated issue and heard water pouring on the ground. Heater T completely let go. 249k miles.
  19. TexAZ

    LX 570 on 37/12.50/18 Toyos

    Looks good! Bumpstops are your friend. 35s rub in the back.
  20. TexAZ

    DIY Tundra Brakes (BBK)

    i'll have to look through the bin of extra oddities, i think i have a set of the tundra brackets. i'd let them go for the price of shipping and a 6 pack. need to start clearing out the shelves.
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