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  1. LCHardriver_02

    Electronics Issues with audio and climate controls

    No starting issues. I had the same thought regarding the starter battery. I may do a battery swap this weekend just to see if this might be a simple resolution.
  2. LCHardriver_02

    LX570 Audio/Electrical Gremlins

    I had similar issues with my 2010 LX. I sold the truck before the audio unit went completely out but yes, exact same symptoms you described.
  3. LCHardriver_02

    Welcome to Veterans' Highway!

    Welcome to the group Robert.
  4. LCHardriver_02

    Electronics Issues with audio and climate controls

    So, I've been noticing on my 2018 that each time I let the truck set, such as during my work day, and come back and start it, it is like the audio and climate controls electronics package takes about 30 seconds to boot up and then seems to reset to some preset values. So, I loose my Bluetooth...
  5. LCHardriver_02

    TJM T13 Bull bar installed - Lots of pics

    That's nice! I am now wishing that mine were like this too.... although I never use the washers.
  6. LCHardriver_02

    Group Buy: Big Country 4x4 LC200/LX570 welded aluminum racks, drawers, load bars - One week only!

    These look very nice indeed! I too wish that I'd seen this a while back when the group buy was active. This last weekend, my wife and I attended the Outdoor Adventure Expo down in SLC hoping to see more drawer options but none of the vendors were out. I'll be doing more research in the coming...
  7. LCHardriver_02

    Alternator upgrade-Is there one?

    Reviving the revival of a revived thread... Any changes to the alternator after 2013? I have an '18 and will be adding a Redarc BCDC charge controller so I can add solar charging to my aux battery and just want to verify that that my understanding of the alternator is correct: Variable...
  8. LCHardriver_02

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I agree in reaching out to them. I've contacted them several times and they have been very prompt in their replies.
  9. LCHardriver_02

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    It does not. Mine have a bit of room below the mounts before it would touch the roof. I believe my feet are the higher ones, as the rack sits fairly high off the roof.
  10. LCHardriver_02

    Welcome to Veterans' Highway!

    That's like seeing a full bird and thinking... he's just a young pup! I'm there now!
  11. LCHardriver_02

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Just finished my Front Runner Slimline II rack install with the under mount camp table. More stuff to be added tomorrow but today my shoulders are killing me!
  12. LCHardriver_02

    Front Runner Rack Parts

    My rack came in yesterday. I had ordered the prep-table with the under rack mounts. The table's box came with only 1 piece of tape holding the box together. All of the others were ripped open. Looking over the table though, it looks like it did not sustain damage. With that said, I have...
  13. LCHardriver_02

    Stock Roof Rack- Cross Bars

    I just ordered my Frontrunner Slimline II rack this morning. Sometime in the next few weeks, I should have a 2018 LC rack available to anyone who is willing to pay for shipping. Of course, local pickups here in Boise, ID are ok too. :D
  14. LCHardriver_02

    New OEM windshield making me dizzy

    That tech needs raise!
  15. LCHardriver_02

    200 Series Third Row Removal

    I may do this over the weekend. I need to do so, so I can get going on my ARB 12V outlet install for my fridge.
  16. LCHardriver_02

    Towing with a 200-series Toyota Land Cruiser

    Dan - Looking at the tires specs, it looks like they have a load index 116 rating, which would be 2756 lbs per tire. As long as you don't exceed that (x2) on a given axle, you should be good. Regarding the pressure, I'd load it up and see how your tread hits the pavement and adjust...
  17. LCHardriver_02

    Roof Rack Installation Tips

    I too will be looking at installing a Front Runner rack, so I'll be interested in how your install goes. FYI, when I installed my Gamivit on to my 100 series, which is very similar to the 200, it was actually pretty straight forward using the OEM nut-zerts (or inserts, or whatever). I did...
  18. LCHardriver_02

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    When completing the install, where did you splice into the turn signals? I was looking to get mine working, as it came to me unwired but have not found a good spot without having to go all the way back to the actual turn signals but noticed that the harness is closer... just do not know exactly...
  19. LCHardriver_02

    Oil & Filter Change for LC200

    Yeah, I'd expect that just to keep the oil from pouring onto the skid. Just looking to make it easier for the future. Thanks!
  20. LCHardriver_02

    Front Runner Rack Parts

    This is disheartening to hear, as I have plans on ordering a Slimline II rack for my 200. I do hope you have everything, but post up once you have a chance to inventory the boxes. For the amount of money these cost, you'd expect premium packaging.
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