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  1. SD_rdcruzer

    Fj40 bucking and losing power

    Maybe a clogged fuel filter or pump like the others have said.
  2. SD_rdcruzer

    2.5" or 4" lift what do you have

    HFS 4" with 33"x 12.5" Toyo tires. Cut rear wheel well. No rub at all. Pictures in profile, some before the lift, some after. I've been happy with the hfs, and have had no issues with it. The ride can be considered somewhat harsh, but I think any lift will do that, and I'm ok with how it rides. YMMV
  3. SD_rdcruzer

    Windshield install question

    The gasket on my windshield is only an inch wide, so the glass would have to be fairly close to the frame. Your's does look to be a tad small.
  4. SD_rdcruzer

    Inner t-handle abs yes I used seaech

    I've seen them in the classifieds before, maybe post a wanted ad and see if anyone answers? Good luck either way.
  5. SD_rdcruzer

    Have a chance to buy a 1970,s fj40

    I'd agree with the others. Too much for an unknown vehicle. And just an fyi, the diesel engine designation would be bj, the fj designation is for the gas engine.
  6. SD_rdcruzer

    Inner t-handle abs yes I used seaech

    That SOR handle looks like a generic replacement, not even close to the one you have pictured. I'd suggest trying a local hardware store, home store or the like, as long as the mounting holes and post are the same, might save you a few bucks.
  7. SD_rdcruzer

    What is this part?

    Got a picture?
  8. SD_rdcruzer

    Upgrading knuckle balls, where to cut

    Here's a link for a cut and turn with a drawing on where to make the cut. Cutting and Turning
  9. SD_rdcruzer

    Unique parts on 1.5F engine

    I haven't had any issues finding parts. There's lots of vendors and people with parts stashed away if you need something unique.
  10. SD_rdcruzer

    Gas charged Hood & Hatch strut retrofit

    Looks great, nice work.
  11. SD_rdcruzer

    Advice on Steering Conversion

    I've read where some people have converted to an electric assist power steering for less than $1000 total. Depending on your planned usage, that might be another option. Search the FAQ's, lots of options for power steering
  12. SD_rdcruzer

    Oil in radiator.

    I'd check the oil, too.
  13. SD_rdcruzer

    Ome or ccot

    I run the HFS with 33" tires. Everybody has their opinion on how it rides and looks, but for me, I'm happy with it. Flexes well off road and the tires tuck into the fenders without having to chop it up.
  14. SD_rdcruzer

    thumbs up to Affordable Injection.

    After some more back and forth and a threat to cancel the order, I got the tracking info today. I gotta say, though, I am thoroughly disappointed in his lack of customer service and empty claims that everything was done and would ship. I don't care about the time it takes to make a custom...
  15. SD_rdcruzer

    thumbs up to Affordable Injection.

    Looking at that sniper system from Holley, I don't see a compatible distributer for an f motor. It sure would be nice if it was plug and play. I haven't tried calling to find out what they recommend. Maybe if this afi thing doesn't work out...
  16. SD_rdcruzer

    thumbs up to Affordable Injection.

    Asked for updates at the beginning of Jan. Response was that it was done and after a quick test would be shipped out, maybe within a day or two. Said they had a lot of orders and it was taking a bit to get caught up. I can see that. Then nothing, three weeks later I ask for updates and get the...
  17. SD_rdcruzer

    thumbs up to Affordable Injection.

    So, did anyone else order a kit for the Cyber Monday sale? If you did, what is the status of your order? I've been getting the run around, told it's shipping three or four times, waiting on parts, parts weren't ordered, communication is like pulling teeth. Initially the discount code didn't...
  18. SD_rdcruzer

    Need to lose a few inches to fit in garage...

    Looks like Toyota wheels for a tundra/ fjc 5 oem steel wheels with tires for sale 845 NY - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum Toyota Tacoma Wheel Part Number 69349
  19. SD_rdcruzer

    What your opinion on the "1983" FJ40

    His answer to my question was that he was just relaying what was on the title and he had "experts" giving him advice on what was what. It seems to me that's his way of getting around any responsibility for inaccurate or fraudulent claims. I'm just surprised it still hasn't been removed.
  20. SD_rdcruzer

    What your opinion on the "1983" FJ40

    I asked about the year and why it doesn't have the correct dash for the year he claims. Got this as a response: The vehicle LEGAL US TITLE say MODEL 1983 again the vehicle still have present ORIGINAL manufacture TAG and say DEC 1981 I'm not claiming anything, I just say what is in the Legal...
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